Abdominal pain in children | Causes, diagnosis and management

The guide covers an approach to a child with abdominal pain covering, types, causes (site-wise and age-wise), evaluation, management, and surgical perspective of pediatric abdominal pain

Previously asked questions on abdominal pain

  1. Define Recurrent Abdominal Pain (RAP) and list the diagnostic features of functional RAP. Suggest a plan for investigations and managing a 10-year-old girl with RAP (09/1)4+6
  2. Outline the clinical approach to the diagnosis of a child with: (13/1) 5+5
    a. Short duration / acute pain abdomen
    b. Long duration/ recurrent pain abdomen
  3. Write a note on Recurrent abdominal pain in children (14/2) 5

Abdominal pain in children


Dr Subodh Saha | MD Pediatrics

Dr Subodh is consultant in Pediatrics at J.L.N.H. and R.C. Bhilai steel plant hospital