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Collection of all articles useful for the DNB exam preparation. Your cheatsheet for Success.


Why Pediatric History Taking is different?

An accurate history is the essential first step in medical diagnosis. Make no mistake, if you have gotten it wrong, you are less likely to make a correct diagnosis.The article focuses on tips for taking history in children

How to survive and thrive during pediatric residency? 1st Year

There is a lot of information on how to choose your training institute in Pediatrics but not on what to do after you get in the training.Some handy tips on how to beging the journey by Dr Janani Shankar

How to prepare for DNB Theory & Practical Exam-Examiners tips

A detailed discussion on the basic reasons for unsuccessful attempts followed by tips on how the preparations should be structured. This is for both theory and practical exam, in Direct conversation with one of the NBE examiners.

Tips for theory exam by the examiner - DO's and Dont's

Nothing is as good as to directly hear from the examiners. These are few instructions to help pass your theory exam. The tips are focused on the DNB theory exam and include the best practices to follow.

DNB Theory Exams - Orientation and tips for revision

Brief orientation and feel of DNB theory paper and systematic way for approaching the long and short questions. Tip on how to rapidly revise a few months before the exam.

Books you must refer for preparing pediatric clinical exam

Review of 8 useful books in detail. What sections are given better in which books? Pros and Cons' of each ook. Useful for planning the exam-oriented reading and revisions

How to make a Pediatric clinical examination kit

This is a detailed list and discussion on the equipment and tools you must gather for the clinical examination of children along with some other handy tips.

DNB practical exam pattern - Orientation

This will run through the structure and pattern of the DNB practical exam. It includes an introduction to various OSCE stations along with Clinical cases, history taking, and Viva.

Tips for Practical exam - Your body language

Detailed discussion on how your body language affects your viva skills and guidance on how to interact with the examiner during case presentation and Vica Voce

What is focused clinical examination - OSCE stations

Introduction to focused clinical examination station in OSCE exam. Approximately 35% of marks are allocated to these stations. Also included how to approach such stations.

What is Observed OSCE station? - OSCE guide

This is a discussion on various types of Observed OSCE,s in the practical exam. Also included discussion on mark distribution and how to approach them.

DNB exams during Covid-19 Pandemic

Details on Novel approach NBE had adopted for Virtual exam during the rise of Covid-19 cases in India