DNB Pediatric clinical examination kit
Things you must carry for pediatric clinical examination
Congratulations! for those who cleared DNB pediatrics theory exam, now its time for practicals. Time is small, and event is big. The post is all about the necessary equipment and thing we need to carry in practical exam hall for case presentation.
Seems a easy job but its not. 

First, it takes a whole day to collect these things from shops if u don't have them before hand, second we have a genuine habit of forgetting things in exams until we make a list of it.

I remember when i reached my practical center and i saw others carrying this and that, i was like "Oh My God" i forgot this! Another experience shared by a friend that the exam was delayed as few people didn't bring growth chart thinking that the center will provide them and the examiners has to get them xeroxed first for these people.

This is a list of things u must carry with you when you travel to your center, few things may be missed and i hope u people will add them for benefits of others. Remember even if u forget few thing despite all care, don't panic as its not affecting your results but your knowledge will!

dnb exam roll number

Beginning with first thing i forgot in my exams, The Roll number holder. A properly made printed roll no. in bold shows you are disciplined and serious for exams. You can write on paper and pin it, but its not a good option.


A stethoscope preferably Littmann, in fact must as some people can mind it seriously.

WHO growth charts

Growth chart, it was great dilemma for me in my exams, which is to use? its simple, use WHO growth charts for babies up to 2 years, and for older children u can use CDC. WHO growth charts are available in two formats, percentile and Z score.

I was having a practice of percentile, therefore interpreted anthropometry in percentile  but my examiner asked me to interpret it as Z score, so carry Z score charts along with percentile, both. The important thing is you should know how to use them therefore practice them as u get very less time in exam and for faster interpretation u need practice.  you can download WHO growth chart from here. Get them color printed. 

scales for measuring JVP

Scales! carry two of them. For unknown reasons examiners have a great affinity for asking how to measure JVP. They have this skill to identify where we make mistakes, therefore keep practicing the method of measuring JVP.

Non stretchable tape

Measuring tape. Stretchable or non-stretchable? don't worry carry whichever available. You can easily get non stretchable paper tape with central lines we put. Dont forget using crossing method while measuring.

                                                                                            Torch, take a usefull one, avoid a fancy one.
Torch for ocular examination

Thermometer preferable with big digits so that you don't need to struggle for reading the temperature.

Testing gag reflex
Tongue depressor, you can take clean ice cream sticks, a bit longer one. Examiner particularly asks about gag reflex in CP cases. Dont lie, if you couldn't do it, remember they have mastered the skills of picking up our lies. Do gag reflex at the end of all examinations as child and parents are bound to get irritated by this.

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For CNS examination

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cotton for sensation, or you can use ear bud  with cotton on both end 

Hammer for testing Deep tendon reflexes
                      Hammer for reflexes. practise appropriate technique while eliciting reflexes. read it from hutchinson, examiners always keeps an eye on our method, even though they might not express it at that perticular time.

Tunning fork for hearing assessment

Tunning fork, use 126 Hz for vibration sensation, you can also use 256Hz for this. For hearing assessment, use 512 Hz tunning fork. learn Rinne and Webers test by heart as it can be confusing to explain to examiners during viva.

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 Bell for hearing assessment.

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 "French angles" are the amplitude of passive movement at a single joint, which are measured ideally using a goniometer, and reflect the lengthening capacity of muscles which is a component of passive tone. We can use protractor and divider for this. Examiner might ask about how to measure passive tone specifically. Also in OSCE, we can get a observed spot asking for testing active and passive tone specifically. I had one OSCE spot on testing active tone in 6 month old infant.

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                                                                                                                    Carry  salt, sugar for testing taste and soap and coffee for smell. Dont take unpleasent things with you for testing this.

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Doll for 
identification of parts, 
some shapes for identification, they can also used for colour identification and counting numbers.

Cubes for developmental age assessmentCubes for developmental age assessment
One inch wooden blocks are ideal for development examination, they can be made from professional. I received them from my seniors, but we can use these plastic ones which are easily available in market.

As for as opthalmoscope is conserned you can carry if you have, but if you dont have then its not a problem. you can readily get it from department where the exam is held. The proper method of using it and simple interpretation of common condition is given nicely in Hutchinson clinical methods

We all have a tendency to carry lots of book. Just remember we all are exhausted near exams and we cannot read a lot as time is limited. Dont get over exhausted by carrying heavy luggage of books unnecessarily. Dont forget to take important books with you one of those is Nelson as it has both OSCE and cases and much more.

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Carry your notes. Carry note of classification of PEM as anthropometry dictation to examiner has no role untill it is interpreted in terms of grades of PEM. 

Carry a note of revised Kuppuswami scale either printed or handwriiten. Remember and carry few things like these which  you think you should have with you to revise at last hour. 

Lastly dont forget to carry your examination hall ticket, your travel ticket and a pendrive with you so that you can carry softcopy of few things like tickets and some OSCE you might need.

P.S. These are all original things i carried with me in my practical exam.

I invite you all to add other important things in the comments section of this post. Best of Luck! 
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