Developmental milestones checklist | Pediatric OSCE guide

This guide covers the four major areas of developmental milestones organized according to the age of development. The developmental assessment skill is considered essential skills during case presentation and viva in pediatric exams. Developmental assessment is a common and important OSCE station. This chart can be a useful tool for a quick revisions or handy guide in ward rounds for assessment.

Age Gross motor Fine motor Social Speech/Language
BirthWhen Prone - knees under the abdomen. Rotates head to one side.Hand fist, Follows light & big objects from side to midline (900)Cries-  Responds to sound, Startle or blinks if quiet
1 mWhen Prone - Knees not under the abdomen. Hips are extended. Raises up head brieflyHands open most of the time. Follows light & big objects past midlineRegards human face with interestCries-  Responds to sound, Startle or blinks if quiet
2 m Prone:- lifts head to 450brieflyHands open most of the time. Follows light & big objects past midlineSmiles on social contactCoos
3 mProne:- lifts head to 450for sustained periods- Supports the headHands open. Follows light 1800  Holds rattle if placed in his hands.Smiles spontaneouslyCoos
4 mProne:- Head up to 900on extended armsBrings hand togetherLaughs loudly- smiles & vocalizes at self in the mirror- excited when toys presentedIncreases vocalization to toys & people
5 mRolls from supine to proneReaches objects by hand & grasp- mouths objectsRecognizes motherIncreases vocalization to toys & people
6 mSits supportedCan transfer rattle from hand to handDispleasure if toys removedTurns head to voice
7 mSits unsupportedShakes rattle- Bangs toys on a table surfacePersists to obtain toys out of reach- anticipates being picked up by raising armsDa- Da & Ma-Ma sounds not specifically
8 mRolls from prone to supineTries picking up things with fingersHolds own bottle. Drinks from a cup held by motherDa- Da & Ma-Ma sounds not specifically
9 mCrawling on the abdomenCan use thumb & fingers to pick cubesResponds to his nameDa- Da & Ma-Ma discriminately
10 mCreeps on hands & knees- Stands supportedImitates waving bye-byeDa- Da & Ma-Ma discriminately
11 mStands unsupportedCan pick up small objectsImitates waving bye-byeDa- Da & Ma-Ma discriminately
1 yWalks supportedStops mouthing of objects- cooperates in dressing- Throws toys awaySays 2-3 word but understands several ones
1.5 yRuns stiffly climb upstairs one by oneDrinks from cup & feeds self with spoonSphincter control by day timeSays 10 wordsResponds to simple commands
2 yRuns wellClimbs downstairs one by oneUses spoonSphincter control by day & night. Asks for the toilet by day. Washes & dries handJoins 2-3 words in a sentence. At least can say 50 words
3 yClimbs upstairs wellPedal tricyclesTower 8 cubesDresses with supervision. plays gamesGives his name, age, sex. Recognizes 3 colors.
4 yClimbs downstairs wellBuilds a bridge with cubesButtons up, Dresses w/o supervisionTells short story Count to 10Recognizes 8 colors.