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Developmental milestones checklist | Pediatric OSCE

Use this guide for a quick reference to check the developmental milestone. Developmental assessment is a common and important OSCE station. The developmental assessment skills are considered essential skills during case presentation and viva in pediatric exams. This can be a useful as a quick revisions tool.

AgeGross MotorFine MotorSocialSpeech/Language
BirthWhen Prone - knees under the abdomen. Rotates head to one side.Hand fist, Follows light & big objects from side to midline (900)Cries-  Responds to sound, Startle or blinks if quiet
1 mWhen Prone - Knees not under the abdomen. Hips are extended. Raises up head brieflyHands open most of the time. Follows light & big objects past midlineRegards human face with interestCries-  Responds to sound, Startle or blinks if quiet
2 m Prone:- lifts head to 450brieflyHands open most of the time. Follows light & big objects past midlineSmiles on social contactCoos
3 mProne:- lifts head to 450for sustained periods- Supports the headHands open. Follows light 1800  Holds rattle if placed in his hands.Smiles spontaneouslyCoos
4 mProne:- Head up to 900on extended armsBrings hand togetherLaughs loudly- smiles & vocalizes at self in the mirror- excited when toys presentedIncreases vocalization to toys & people
5 mRolls from supine to proneReaches objects by hand & grasp- mouths objectsRecognizes motherIncreases vocalization to toys & people
6 mSits supportedCan transfer rattle from hand to handDispleasure if toys removedTurns head to voice
7 mSits unsupportedShakes rattle- Bangs toys on a table surfacePersists to obtain toys out of reach- anticipates being picked up by raising armsDa- Da & Ma-Ma sounds not specifically
8 mRolls from prone to supineTries picking up things with fingersHolds own bottle. Drinks from a cup held by motherDa- Da & Ma-Ma sounds not specifically
9 mCrawling on the abdomenCan use thumb & fingers to pick cubesResponds to his nameDa- Da & Ma-Ma discriminately
10 mCreeps on hands & knees- Stands supportedImitates waving bye-byeDa- Da & Ma-Ma discriminately
11 mStands unsupportedCan pick up small objectsImitates waving bye-byeDa- Da & Ma-Ma discriminately
1 yWalks supportedStops mouthing of objects- cooperates in dressing- Throws toys awaySays 2-3 word but understands several ones
1.5 yRuns stiffly climb upstairs one by oneDrinks from cup & feeds self with spoonSphincter control by day timeSays 10 wordsResponds to simple commands
2 yRuns wellClimbs downstairs one by oneUses spoonSphincter control by day & night. Asks for the toilet by day. Washes & dries handJoins 2-3 words in a sentence. At least can say 50 words
3 yClimbs upstairs wellPedal tricyclesTower 8 cubesDresses with supervision. plays gamesGives his name, age, sex. Recognizes 3 colors.
4 yClimbs downstairs wellBuilds a bridge with cubesButtons up, Dresses w/o supervisionTells short story Count to 10Recognizes 8 colors.

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