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 FOAM stands for Free Open Access Medical education – Medical education for anyone, anywhere, anytime. FOAM is the concept, #FOAM is the Twitter hashtag.

dnbpediatrics.com is founded by Dr Ajay Agade, Pediatric Critical Care Fellow currently persuing FNB in Pediatric Critical Care with academic interest, a great believer in FOAMed (Free Online Access Medicine) and its role in cutting down the "Knowledge GAP". Initially started with an idea of keeping self log of topics, question answers, OSCE'S, articles and exam material, and Should anybody out there comes across this blog and find it useful then all the better!

 Constantly growing since then, now its a whole Club of Residents and Post graduates in field of pediatrics (and now even the PG aspirants interested in pediatrics) who share their work like seminars, power-points, notes, videos, OSCE's and keep this website running. The academic work which is usually done during PG tenure generally remains unshared and then get lost as the time goes by! The blog achieves the objective to let your work live forever and be used as a "FOAM" anywhere, everywhere and for everyone.


Everybody who wish to contribute is invited to write for the blog.  We are growing every day in numbers, feel free to contact, and write for us. 
You can send your OSCE's, Q & A, Notes, MCQ's, powerpoints, advice, practically anything which you think is usefull in pediatric residency. You can contribute in this education project either by sending the attachment to these mail ID's. support@dnbpediatrics.com or dnbpediatricsblog@gmail.com. or you can simply use the UPLOAD feature on homepage. List of authors and contributors is given below

contact us

we can keep in touch by multiple ways, through Contact us section on homepage or on  social media. Besides, you can always mail us at support@dnbpediatrics.com or dnbpediatricsblog@gmail.com  

 SOcial media
dnbpediatrics is on facebook, here is the facebook group and here is the facebook page. Participate in all discussion right from admission upto exit exams.

 COnflicts of interests
we are not associated with any private or government website, firm or project. This website has pure academic interests. There are no economic conflict of interest to disclose as off now except for the ads by google adsense programme. The content of this website will always be free for users, whatever it takes !

authors and contributors

Dr Ajay Agade is a pediatric critical care fellow pursuing FNB  from Kanchi Kamakoti Child Trust Hospital,  passionate about free online medical education, acute care and patient safety. He is editor of dnbpediatrics and criticalpediatrics blogs |  View Ajay Agade’s  posts dnb-pediatrics-linkedin-icon6 dnb-pediatrics-facebook-icon4 dnb-pediatrics-twitter-icon4 dnb-pediatrics-google-plus-icon4

Dr Ranjith Kumar CS  is Currently persuing DM in medic oncology from JIMER, completed DNB from Kanchi Kamakoti Child Trust Hospital with a gold medal, has great academic interests, and writes a column Cracking code of theory which deals with detail explanation about the theory and practical topics  |  View Ranjith Kumar CS  posts dnb-pediatrics-linkedin-icon6 dnb-pediatrics-facebook-icon4 dnb-pediatrics-twitter-icon4 dnb-pediatrics-google-plus-icon4

Dr Vasu Burli  Pediatric critical care fellow, DNB Pediatrics from Kanchi KamaKoti Childs trust Hospital, Chennai. Area of interest: pediatric Intensive care and Emergency medicine. He writes a column exploring nelson with Vasu which are his handpicked notes derived from Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics.  |  View Vasu Burli's  posts dnb-pediatrics-linkedin-icon6 dnb-pediatrics-facebook-icon4 dnb-pediatrics-twitter-icon4 dnb-pediatrics-google-plus-icon4

Dr Shailesh Gophane  is DCH from J.J.  Hospital, Mumbai, he did his DNB from Port Trust Hospital Mumbai. He writes a column basically focusing on solving theory questions  and answers |  View Shailesh Gophane's  posts dnb-pediatrics-linkedin-icon6 dnb-pediatrics-facebook-icon4 dnb-pediatrics-twitter-icon4 dnb-pediatrics-google-plus-icon4

Dr Kishor L. giri  completed his DNB from Jehangir hospital, Pune.  His posts includes tips for practical examinations and OSC'e in a  precise and self explanatory way  |  View  Kishor Giri's  posts dnb-pediatrics-linkedin-icon6 dnb-pediatrics-facebook-icon4 dnb-pediatrics-twitter-icon4 dnb-pediatrics-google-plus-icon4

Dr Hemang Mendapara  has completed DNB from Choithram Hospital, Indore.  He is enthusiast and has great academic interests specially in pediatric neurology . His post includes mostly the power point presentation, about commonly asked and important topics in pediatric residency |  View  Hemang's posts dnb-pediatrics-linkedin-icon6 dnb-pediatrics-facebook-icon4 dnb-pediatrics-twitter-icon4 dnb-pediatrics-google-plus-icon4

Dr Faraz Ahmed Khan |  Dr Vivek Khanna |  Dr P M Patel | Dr Abhay Pota |  Dr Mandar Haval |  Dr Shushmita Ghosh | Dr Anurag Fursule | Dr Rituraj Deshmukh |  Dr S Raghvendra Babu | Dr Balbir Singh |  Dr Amit Ghavade |  Dr Navin Gulshan Bhatia | Dr Amol Madave |  Dr Venkatasriram Gutta | Dr Naveen Cheri |  Dr Vivek Khanna |  Dr Amit Rai | Dr Prashant Reddy | Dr Kalash Panjwani | Dr Anurag Fursule, | Dr Rushikesh Kute | Dr Mandar Haval | Dr Thrishi Sagna | Dr Meenal Kapoor | Dr Shivahar Sonawane | Dr Navin Gulshan Bhatia | Dr Ankur Sharma | Dr Jijo Jose | Dr Mandira Roy | Dr Avinash T | Dr Vinayak Hegde | Dr Arun Thomas | Dr Krishna Chaitanya | Dr Basil Mohamed | Dr Annasaheb Lokhande | Dr Navin Cheri [no-sidebar]
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