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Pediatric history taking and Clinical exam

History Taking - CNS

A child with Global developmental delay

Very commonly patients with global developmental delay are kept in the examination and taking a history and completing full examination can be quite tough (like all other neuro cases). A proper format is needed to finish history taking without missing any points.

A child with SOL

This is a very brief case presentation on how to approach a child with an Intracranial tumor followed by viva oriented discussion on brainstem glioma

History Taking - Abdomen

A child with hepatosplenomegaly

This is a pediatric history taking and clinical examination format for a child presenting with hepatosplenomegaly and few other symptoms like jaundice, anemia, bleeding, etc. There are some handy tips alongside. This should be useful for the observed station in the OSCE exam also

Infant with Jaundice

History taking and Clinical case presentation on an 8-month-old baby presenting with jaundice and pale-colored stool

History Taking - Respiratory

A child with chronic lung disease

History taking and Clinical case presentation in a 12-year-old adolescent with chronic cough and frequent respiratory illnesses.