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Lets get oriented to the pattern of DNB Practical examination.
There are

     30 stations overall

     20 working stations – 5 marks each

     5 observed stations – 7 to 10 marks each

     5 rest stations

Topics of special concern for  OSCE

1. Clinical
    Counseling, developmental assessment, clinical images, case scenarios

2. Investigations
   Radiology, ECG, EEG, ABG, peripheral smear, hematology, urinalysis and stool analysis.

3. Neonatal
   Reflexes, gestational assessment, resuscitation (NALS), examination of normal newborn.

4. Growth
   Monitoring, growth charts, PALS.

5. Systemic examination
   One or more systems.

6. Equipment or instruments

7. Nutrition
   Diet/nutritional resources for dietary value

8. Medications !!!

9. Biostatistics

10. Genetics
Writing the answer sheet in OSCE
  1.   DO NOT FORGET – to write Roll no., station no., signature of the candidate.
  2.   Time management – depends on no. of questions for particular spot and time availability.
  3.   How to write an answer?
  4.   Think how will you present the answer in Observed stations before hand.
  5.   Rest stations – what to do?

Case Presentation: Pattern 
  1.   2 cases
  2.   No “long” or “short” case
  3.   75 marks each
  4.   Timing – taking case approx 20 to 30 mins
Topics of special concern in history taking:
Socio-economic status, immunization, development assessment, family tree, summarization, short and complete diagnosis, differentials.
What cases to be concentrated upon?
    CNS is a complete must as one case is going to be from CNS.

  1.   Stick to “your books”
  2.   Read, write and discuss
  3.   No ‘new books’ during last month of preparation
  4.   Prepare your “exam kit” well in advance..
  5.   What is Exam kit”? Find here
  1. Be sure what you are talking to the examiner - Think before u utter a word..
  2. Do not “beat around the bush”, accept if u do not know the answer for the question.. DO NOT ARGUE with the examiner
  3. DO NOT try to fool the examiner - 30-40 years of experience vs. 3 years of clinical training
  4. There is nothing like a ‘bouncer’ in the question paper
  5. Its all about relativity in DNB examination
  6. It is difficult to pass… it is very difficult to fail..
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