OSCE in Pediatrics | Sample practise stations

These are few sample OSCE Questions for practise. The questions were asked in previous OSCE exam and are based on recall. Try to practise them in a time frame of 2 min initially. Interested in more sample OSCE station asked in previous exam? Here you go

The DNB OSCE exam format usually consist of one or two OSCE from each categories and can be broadly divided as observed and unobserved stations. Know you exam pattern here

Observed stations- Clinical examination OSCE

KNow what are observed OSCE stations


Demonstrate the power of the following muscles in the right hand

a. Abductor pollicis brevis
b. Dorsal interossei
c. Opponens pollicis brevis
d. Brachioradialis
e. Supraspinatus


Perform the examination of the second cranial nerve in the given child


Mark the surface marking of right lung and the oblique fissure


Perform clinical examination of this 8 year old child with history of hypertension

What is focused clinical examination in OSCE


Demonstrate resuscitation step for this 18 hour old baby who has suddenly become unresponsive


Demonstrate steps in management of this 6 month old boy who weighs 5kg. His heart rate is 210/min and ECG shows signs of SVT. Note that he has features of shock.

Video stations


A video of child with Crouzon syndrome is shown. write down 3 findings and definite treatment for proptosis in this scenario.


A video of a child with (PKAN) Pantothenase Kinase Associated neurodegeneration, (old name Hallervorden spatz disease) dystonia/chorea is shown. Write down 3 differential diagnosis.


A Video of a child with opsoclonus and titubation is shown. The main question was to note 3 findings from the video. The sub question was - what is the condition associated with the this clinical scenario.


A video of a child with power 1/5 and clinical scenario fitting in with GBS ( Fever 2 weeks back) is shown. Note 5 clinical from the video. Write down treatment in brief.

OSCE stations based on clinical photographs

Visual Diagnosis


Picture shows Gottrons papules

  1. Diagnosis
  2. 4 different lab findings in this child


Picture shows Faces scale/ visual analogue scale

  1. Name of this chart for ascertaining pain
  2. Age group in which this is used
  3. Non pharmacological methods to decrease pain

OSCE based on ECG trace


2 EEG’s traces showing absence seizure and juvenile myoclonic epilepsy respectively

More resources - Basics of pediatric ECG by AHA usefull for identification of rythm abnormalities

Radiology OSCE stations


MRI's images porencephalic cyst, periventricular leukomalacia. The diagnosis based on MRI imaging was asked. Also to note what type of neurodeficit/CP is associated with each MRI.


X-ray of a child with right upper lobe collapse is shown. Following questions were asked.

  1. This child is on ventilator and suddenly desaturated, x-ray was taken. what is the possible diagnosis in the x-ray which might have resulted in desaturation.
  2. What are the possibilities for desaturation in ventilated child
  3. What ventilation settings would you recommend in this scenario

More practise OSCE in radiology

OSCE based on clinical scenario


A clinical scenario of Iron poisoning was given. Following questions were asked.

  1. What is the toxic dose of iron
  2. what are symptoms of iron toxicity
  3. Write down treatment of iron toxicity


A child is found in car unconscious along with father. Car has been on and stationary for past 12 hours

  1. What is the possible toxicity scenario
  2. What is the treatment
  3. Would you expect a normal saturation in this child, why?


A 5 year old child drinks from a bottle that his dad who works in a factory brings and loses his vision.

  1. What is possible poisoning here.
  2. what is the Treatment


A Clinical scenario of PCP pneumonia In AIDS is given

  1. What is the Treatment
  2. What is Diagnosis
  3. Note the Prophylaxis


Child previously well coming with sudden vomiting and illness following high protein intake and with no acidosis but significantly elevated ammonia, diagnosis and treatment of case scenario was asked.


Child with fever and rashes involving palms and soles and having a lesion over the thigh (Rickettsia)

  1. What is the diagnosis
  2. What is Treatment
  3. what lab investigation will you Plan?


3 year old child with history of low grade fever of 1 day duration, skipped dinner and breakfast and comes with 1 episode of seizure with extreme lethargy

  1. What is the Diagnosis
  2. Write down your advise to family.

OSCE stations based on Vaccines


What is the minimum age for administering hep A and varicella vaccine
Write down AAP schedule for rotavirus vaccine
Write down Vaccination for baby born to mother with unknown Hep B status

OSCE stations in Immunology

OSCE ABG scenarios


Note the acid base status of patient in 5 different ABG scenarios

OSCE in genetics


A karyotype picture and Y inheritence pattern was given. Following question were asked.

  1. Diagnose karyotype
  2. In above karyotype, how much % will have heart disease
  3. The inheritance pattern was Y inheritance and example for that.

OSCE stations in Immunology

Another set of Practise OSCE stations here


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