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These are few Do's and Dont's while writing for DNB Pediatrics theory based on my observation in recent examination, these are mainly the things found to be missing in answer sheets
There are 4 papers

Paper I –Part A & Part B
Paper II –Part A & Part B
Paper III- Part A & Part B
Paper IV – MCQ

Each Paper is for 3 hours which includes Part A & Part B (75 minutes for each part)
There are 5 questions in each part with 10 marks for each question and hence 50 marks for each part.

Each question can have 2 parts a & b with the 10 marks divided as 5+5 OR4+6 OR 6+4.The questions a & b are usually related and is from the same topic and hence marks are given together for 10.

· Please read the question paper carefully
· Write the question number and the part a or b clearly (eg:1a ,1b)
· Write 1 – 5 in order
· Write legibly
· Highlight the important points with colour pens.
· Write in points
· Use flowcharts, tables and diagrams wherever possible.
· Time each question for 15 minutes.

· Do not jumble the questions or parts.
· Do not highlight in red colour
· Do not write in paragraphs
· Do not waste time in writing one question for too long a time
· Do not write in a bad handwriting

Keep practicing with time limits set for writing.


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