Maternal knowledge, attitude and practices about childhood diarrhea and ORT

During the residency, we usually present our preliminary thesis findings in a local or national conference. Summarising a thesis topic in a few slides and Presenting it in awithin a limited time frame on stage takes a lot of effort and practise.

The post outlines my thesis findings presented at the IAP conference held during my pediatric residency years. It should give a fair idea of how to prepare a summary of your findings.

The Thesis topic I presented was "Maternal knowledge, application and practices regarding diarrhea and oral rehydration therapy in children"

In general prepare the presentation based on following sub-headings

  1. Introduce the topic, epidemiology, overall problem, and need for research on the topic
  2. State your aim, both primary and secondary if any
  3. Share your observation preferably as Graphics
  4. Conclude the topic and state how you achieved the mentioned aim.
  5. Make recommendations based on your findings and review of available literature.



about authors

Ajay Agade | DNB(Pediatrics), FNB(Pediatric Intensive Care), Fellowship in Pediatric pulmonology and LTV

Ajay is a Paediatric Intensivist, currently working in Pediatric Pulmonology & LTV at Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS, London