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OSCE Pediatrics practice examination held in Pune


  1. thanks for the post. sir,i could no understand that loading insulin syringe procedure kindly provide the source
  2. Dear. Raghvendra this procedure explains how to laod both insulin in single syringe to avoid multiple injections. U need to withdraw first from short acting so that short acting will not be mixed with long acting.if so short acting will not work next time eproperly as it is no more pure short acting..u need short acting to work rapidly. Try doing it in wards so that u don't get confused in front of.examiner...secondly ask pt to use insulin syringe with 40 marks as syringes with 100 marks are also available and one ml of.insuling is 40 units so that proper does can be delivered...I hope this satisfies your querry

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    • thanks for answering sir,
      i have'nt got a chance in ward till now to know this.
      thats why i am confused.
      the confusing part is pushing air into vial.
      it was written in step 1 to inject air into vial and again asked to swab the top of vial in step 2
      in step 3 and step 4 air injection was done again in vials
      may be something went wrong in sequence of steps
      kindly correct me

      thanking you,
      awaiting for much more exiting and enlighting updates from you.

  3. U need to push air in vial so that vacuum is not craeted now u inject first in vial from where u will be taking insulin last ok...u taking air equal to total dose of insulin both short as well as long..injecting air in long acting in upright postion remove then inject in short acting in upright now u invert short acting take insulin remove then going back to long acting invert vial take long acting in syringe...just do it with empty vials u ll understand better
  4. thank you sir

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