Pediatrics CME in India
CME on medical research methodology for medical post graduates
Venue:               Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital and Research centre Bhilai
Date:                  1st December 2013
Faculty:              Dr. K. Neduchelian, editor in chief, Indian Journal of practical pediatrics
                          Dr R. Ramkrishnan, ICMR Chennai
                          8.30-9.30 am - Registration and Breakfast
                          9.30-10.30 am - Thesis writing
                         10.30-11.30 am - Role of statastics in medical research
                         11.30-12.30 am - Art and science of writing for journal

                         1.00-2.00 pm - Lunch
                         2.00-3.00 pm - Sampling and statastical inference
                         3.00-4.00 pm - Research and methodology in office practice
                         4.00-5.00 pm - Epidemiology
                         5.00-5.30 pm - Validectory

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