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CHILD ABUSE is one of the important theory question asked in the exams, here is the list of question based on topic of child abuse and the answer to those in form of powerpoint.

1. Define child abuse. List the etiology of child abuse in India. Outline strategies for prevention. (Dec 2004)    
2. Discuss Child maltreatment. What are the factors related with child abuse (2005)
3. Define Child Abuse. Describe clinical manifestations of Child Abuse. Discuss some useful investigations in a suspected case of Child Abuse  (2006) 
4. Management of the sex abused child (1995)
5. Define child abuse. Describe in brief the factors responsible for child abuse. Outline management of a child who is suspected of being abused. (2011)
6. Define child abuse and neglect. Discuss various clinical manifestations, diagnostic work up and management of physical abuse.  (2011)
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