Examination of newborn - Pediatric OSCE skills

Newborn examination is a commonly asked Observed OSCE station

Following presentation provides detail overview of step by step examination of a newborn baby

The first few general steps followed during a quick examination are as follows

1. Introduction to mother 0.5
2. Cry/Activity of child 0.5
2. Rooting/Sucking/feeding 1
3. Passed urine/stool 1
4. Look for any gross congenital anomaly (structural)/hernial sites 1
5. Temperature of child, specially peripheries 1
6. Look for icterus/ cyanosis-color of baby 1
7. Auscultation of chest for respiratory and CVS system 1
8. Look for congenital dislocation of hip 1
9. Respiratory rate, breathing pattern 1
10. Umbilical sepsis/superficial skin infections 1

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