Multiple choice Question quiz in Pediatrics

Pediatric MCQ for MRCHPCH part 1

100 commonly asked one liner, Multiple choice questions in pediatrics for DNB and MRCPCH exams.

These MCQs are based on a recall mostly, from DNB Exam held in December 2014. Since the questions are on a recall basis they are short and the options are not provided. Few answers are provided here and there. Also, there are chances of a few errors. Feel free to correct and leave your answer using the comments.

  1. which condition of the following can caus Absent "a" wave on JVP ----
  2. A beat followed by two beats is called as --- Pulsus trigeminus
  3. Weight of embryo is -----
  4. Weight of fetus at 20 weeks is ------
  5. Lens vesicle is derived from -----
  6. The neonatal eye is ------ hypermetropic 
  7. Neonatal eye vision normally is ---- 200/6
  8. Papillary reflexes developed at what gestational age ------
  9. Maximum Ballard score can be -----
  10. Synthetic surfactant does not contain ----- Protien
  11. An increase in the following can increase in MAP except for ---- increase in PEEP
  12. Maximum O2 delivery is by which of these ..... Nasal cannula, Nasopharyngeal tube, or Non-rebreathing mask
  13. At what step of NRP compression should be started ---- HR <60
  14. Dose & strength of iv adrenaline for resuscitation is  ------
  15. Micronutrient deficiency associated with cardiomyopathy ------
  16. Maternal uniparental disomy is seen in -------- Angelman syndrome
  17. Autosomal dominant disorder requires ---- One parent has to be affected
  18. Example of x linked dominant ------
  19. The dose of folic acid to prevent NTD ......
  20. If the Prevalence of night blindness in the community is  < 4% it signifies ------ very severe Vit a deficiency
  21. Mutation of sickle cell disease
  22. Which is not a part of the biophysical score or non-stress test
  23. Age of mimicry is -------
  24. Age of drawing a square is -------
  25. Bone age in constitutional short stature or familial short stature is  ------ 
  26. Maximum growth velocity of boys at what SMR stage
  27. All of the following are screening tests for the developmental delay except
  28. The clinical description of ADHD
  29. All are associated with mental retardations except or test to diagnose MR
  30. Vit K content of breast milk ------
  31. Most commonly transmitted through breast milk is ----- CMV
  32. Thawed breast milk is culture free up to what hours or storing temperature of expressed breast milk ------
  33. Iron or lactose content of breast milk ------
  34. Protecting protein of breast milk active against E histloytica and giardiasis ----- 
  35. What is more in preterm breast milk compared to term milk ------
  36. Mechanism of giardiasis diarrhea ------
  37. The most common complication of measles is  ------
  38. The most common cause of neonatal sepsis in India is  -----
  39. Newborn stomach capacity in ml is ------
  40. The maximum urinary osmolality of newborns
  41. Fe Na , BUN /Creat ratio in prerenal v/s renal failure
  42. The most common cause of renovascular hypertension= renal artery stenosis
  43. In neonate, it is easier to calculate GFR/ creatine clearance because : or why it is easy to measure
  44. MDG infant mortality rate target is
  45. ASHA or Anganwadi get cashback after delivery or pre-delivery
  46. Protein and carbohydrate intake of class 5th student in mid-day meal
  47. Iron and folic acid supplementation values in school children
  48. What is not a sign for referral in IMNCI for severe pneumonia or bacterial sepsis
  49. Incineration ash burial at what depth / temp for autoclaving
  50. Level of noise in NICU
  51. Level of the cutoff for BERA for hearing loss : > 30 db
  52. Calculate the partial exchange transfusion for the desired HCT of 50% from 75% for 3.5 kg baby with 80 ml/kg of blood
  53. Glucose or carbohydrate consumption rate of the newborn is
  54. Increase in CO2 washout occurs by all except -----  increases in PEEP or compliance in HMD is reduced
  55. Pre-exposure prophylaxis regimen for rabies
  56. JE vaccine is developed on or Which is polysaccharide conjugate vaccine
  57. Clostridium difficile diarrhea is antitoxin mediated: MOA??
  58. Herd effect is seen in all except
  59. IV IG is made from pooled blood plasma products
  60. Antifungal for invasive aspergillosis/candidiasis
  61. Which of newer antiepileptic cause a change in vison,loss of vison or cause Steven-Johnson syndrome
  62. FTT definition less the 3 rd centile or 5 the centile etc
  63. Which of the following is not required in age-independent criteria for assessing malnutrition: HC, MAC, etc
  64. Voracious appetite is present in marasmus
  65. All are bacterial probiotics except ---- saccharomyces baulardi
  66. ORS osmolality /contents
  67. Case of pseudo hyperparathyroidism
  68. Bone signs of hypothyroidism
  69. Vit d insufficiency/ deficiency is diagnosed at the level below ------
  70. Vitamin D supplementation dose or normal requirement in neonates
  71. Screening or Diagnostic test for Cushing syndrome
  72. Acanthocytes are seen in abetalipoproteinemia.
  73. Neonatal SLE congenital heart block develops at what gestation age ------
  74. What does not cross placenta T4, T3, TSH, TRH
  75. What antibodies apart from anti ro, ka responsible for heart block in neonatal SLE
  76. Which is low in PEM ---- insulin /catecholamine/ growth hormone
  77. Which is the most common cause of portal obstruction in Indian children: EHPVO
  78. Number of the cells in the blastocyst stage of embryo
  79. Gonads appear at what gestational age or sex can differentiate at what gestational age
  80. Parachute reflex remains for life
  81. Pincer grasp develops at months of age
  82. Most common location of congenital lobar emphysema
  83. All can cause indirect hyperbirubinemia ---- Gilbert syndrome
  84. All can cause direct hyperbilirubinemia: early galactosemia
  85. Which is not a part of the initial assessment of the pediatric triangle ----
  86. Case scenario of congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis
  87. Best modality to diagnose congenital or development anomaly of the brain- MRI
  88. Itchy scaly colorful pigmentation: pityriasis Versicolor
  89. Neonatal pain scale validation/ Brazelton sleep cycle grading
  90. Neonatal humidity measuring meter is called as --- Tewameter
  91. A value of sweat chloride test interpretation
  92. Infant of the diabetic mother has all except
  93. Trisomy 13 – microphthalmia or trisomy 18 rocker bottom feet
  94. Screening or diagnostic test for congenital syphilis --- FTA-ABS, VDRL
  95. What % of children r symptomatic at birth from Congenital CMV infection
  96. Congenital Parvo b 9 viruses can cause except --- Hydrops fetalis, RNA virus
  97. Infant of HIV mother --- NVP up to 1 week after stopping breast milk
  98. Most sensitive HIV diagnosis DNA PCR
  99. Nail is developed at what gestational age
  100. The pulmonary valve has how many leaflets
  101. All can cause decreased pulmonary blood flow except --- TAPVC
  102. A shunt in TOF is between the descending aorta and subclavian
  103. Most common ASD Which one close early ostium primum or Secundum
  104. Junction on resting of fossa ovalis

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