94 Multiple choice questions in Pediatrics

pediatric mcq for MRCPCH part1  and DNB thoery

Set of 94 Multiple choice questions in pediatrics for DNB theory exams preparation.

These MCQs are based on a recall mostly, from DNB Exam held in June 2015 . At few places only the topic on which the MCQ was based are given as the whole question and options could not be recalled. There may be some errors at few places. Feel free to correct or add more MCQs and answers using your comments.

  1. Which of these is not used for treatment in pphn?
    Inhaled nitrous oxide
  2. How many % of neonates less than 1000 gm will develop rop?
  3. Thick smear of malaria positive means
  4. Hypothermia in neonates is less than
  5. Ancylostoma canis causes?
  6. Pul eosinophilia
  7. Which is major whey protein present in both human and cows milk?
  8. Gfr doubles at what age
  9. Adult level gfr
  10. Necrotic mass in ear is
  11. Child make tower of 4 cubes at?
  12. Inheritance of wiscot Aldrich
  13. Child can use past tense at?
  14. Rate of chest compressions in neonatal CPR?
  15. Rome 3 criteria used for diagnosis of?
  16. Drug used for treatment of pertusis in neonate?
  17. PAPA syndrome doesn't include?
  18. Drug not acting on vibrio cholera?
  19. RSV prophylaxis?
  20. Mytochindropathy illness
  21. Nitazoxide used in?
  22. Language delay red flag is
  23. Barters syndrome includes?
  24. Wiscot aldrich is auto dominant rescessive xlink
  25. Chronic hypophosphetemia cause?
  26. Hyperkalemic periodic paralysis inherince
  27. 20% fat emulsion contains ? calories
  28. Hypokalemia can mimic
  29. Bile salt stimulated lipase
  30. RS Low mol wt in gradient in grams
  31. Qt interval prolonged in neonates commonly due to?
  32. Hypekalemia 1st ecg change
  33. CDNAAT
  34. Prolonged qt interval tachycardia defined by ? Time interval
  35. Hyperkalemia rapid correction ---- insulin glucose drip
  36. Co2 wash out - decrease peep
  37. Multiple carboxylase def rash ketosis
  38. Doc for neonatal hemo chromatosis
  39. inheritance
  40. 3 or 4 milestone questions
  41. Ebstein Anomaly Echo finding
  42. gradient in PPHN
  43. Child uses past tense at age of
  44. Episodic food born pharyngitis
  45. Erythema nodosum caused by
  46. Pandas is caused by which streptococcus strain
  47. Myringotomy incision in tympanic membrane
  48. score of NBS when both Labia equally prominent
  49. Late onset hyponatremia presents at what age
  50. Reactive arthritis is not caused by one of these
  51. Cold antibody anemia results from which infection
  52. FRC of newborn is
  53. Gfr doubles at what age
  54. Gdm mother with recurrent reproductive failure comes in which category?
  55. Cmv infection asso wid which electrolyte distutbance
  56. Mitichondriopathy reye zellweger
  57. Protein supply to preterm according to ESPGHAN?
  58. Q on parachute reflex
  59. Congenital toxoplasma infarction can cause?
  60. Infantile pyloric stenosis erythromycin
  61. Psudohyponatremia caused due to?
  62. CHPS
  63. Mid diastolic muffle at apex is not due to?
  64. Large vsd leads to failure at?
    1 day
    1 week
    1 month
    1 year
  65. Vaccine contraindicated in hiv
  66. Vaccine contraindicated in phagocytic disorder
  67. Q on brutons agammaglobulinemia
  68. Vaccine for catch up immunisation of adolescent?
    n Hep a
  69. B6 given in classic homocystinuria
  70. Mc tumor in sickle cell disease
  71. Which is not pyridoxine dependant?
    Malemoic acidemia
  72. Noonan and neurofibroma asso wid which cancer
  73. Candida test is diagnostic for?

    T cell defect

    B cell
  74. 14 cubes by which age
  75. Newborn stomach cspacity
  76. 16 wks female with lethargy,alopecia, skin rash?
    Biotin deficiency
  77. NBs score 2 for equal labia prominence
  78. Direct reacting bilirubinemia seen in?
    Lucy dyscon syndrome
    Criglar najjar
  79. Acute liver failure caused by?
    Hep A
  80. E
  81. Cold agglutinin caused by?
  82. 17 days old neonate with inverted t wave?
    Normal finding
  83. Respiratory pathogen causing infection by paralysing respiratory cilia?
    Staph pneumonia
  84. Diff between ciliary dyskinesia and cystic fibrosis?
  85. Sudden cardiac death occurs in which cardiomypathy?
  86. Autistic disorders doesn't includes which of the following?
  87. Bone metastsis are common with which of the following --- nephroblsatoma
  88. Corpolalia means?
  89. Common abdominal mass in child?
  90. Drug of choice in ADHD
  91. Common tumour on the face in child
  92. Whhat is the pathology for Burnold solier platelet disorder?
  93. Child with fever cough and conjunctivitis, iagnosis ?
  94. Resp alkalosis doesnot result from
    Increasing RR
    Increasing pip
    Increasing peep

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