DNB theory mock exam and CME

Pediatrics CME in India

Department of Pediatrics, Lilavati Hospital, and Research Centre is organizing a

Pediatric mock theory exam for DNB students.

Date: 6th and 7th Oct 2018

and Pediatric theory CME

Date: 28th OCT 2018


Dr Arvind Saili
Dr Lalitha Janakiraman
Dr Anju Virmani
Dr Anand Shandilya

The students are required to register with
Dr Anil Lohar (7506156186, drloharanil@gmail.com) and
Dr Abnish Kumar (8879852003).

We would be happy to assist you with the accommodation at Rangsharda Hotel, Bandra located within a two minutes walking distance from the hospital. Interested students can contact Dr. Anil and Dr. Abnish.


Dr. Sheikh Minhaj Ahmed (Coordinator Pediatrics)
Dr. Deepak Ugra (Consultant Pediatrician)
Dr. Anil Lohar, Dr. Abnish Kumar (Junior Consultants Pediatrics

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