DNB Teaching 2021 by KKCTH Alumni - 3rd session

DNB Teaching 2021 by KKCTH Alumni - 3rd session Sunday, the 28th 2021

(Disclaimer - Note that this program is organized by alumni of KKCTH with the help of our teachers with an aim to continue guidance for DNB students and is not related in any way with the current administration and management. Full Disclaimer here

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The registration for this event is open now until Thursday 25th Nov 2021, Read the details/outline/instruction before filling the form.

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  • This is paid event
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Programme outline

3rd Teaching session

  • Date : Sunday, the 28th Nov
  • Time : 10:00 AM onwards

Next week we will have the first half an hour Theory session and longer, one and half hours Practical session as the theory results will be out soon.

10.00 -10.30 - Am Discussion of 3 out of the box questions by Dr. Divya
10.30 -11 Am OSCE - Procedures and Instruments - Dr.Lakshmi
11-12Am - OSCE Radiology- Dr.Kanimozhi

How to register?

Registration link - Read the instructions on the form before the transaction
Make the payment via the mentioned payment method and submit the form

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Correct email

  • Use correct email ID's since you will receive a unique zoom link and password via email only.
  • Make sure you have access to your email account.
  • Remember the email ID you have used to register ( many have more than 1 account and might get confused)

Payments Details

There are many numbers/IDs you may see after a successful transaction. we need a UPI reference/transaction number also called UTR or Unique Transaction Reference. This is the only number that we receive. It will be in numerical without alphabets. eg - 132014244384 sometime may be referred to as the bank reference ID

You need to take a quick snap after making the transaction and upload it. the form allows using the camera if your snap is on the laptop screen and you are using mobile for ease. This may sound a little extra than last time but it makes the job easy.

It is best if you could fill the form immediately after you perform the transaction

You will receive an email containing the zoom link on Friday, the 26th of Nov at 5 AM. (Thursday Late night)
You will receive the instruction on how to find the links if you couldn't find the email well in advance with the notification here and the telegram group.

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