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DNB Teaching 2021 by KKCTH Alumni 4th Session

Please provide your feedback for teaching session on 5th Dec 2021

We now have completed 5th teaching session including the first introductory session. Your feedbacks are important and drives us. It takes less than a minute.

DNB Teaching 2021 by KKCTH Alumni - 4th session Sunday, the 5th Dec 2021

This event is closed now for new registrations

The registration for this event is open now until Thursday 2nd Dec 2021, Read the details/outline/instruction before filling the form. This is a paid event.

If you have any questions, read FAQ's at the bottom

4th Teaching session, Programme outline

  • Date : Sunday, the 5th December 2021
  • Time : 10:00 AM onwards

NRP - Dr. Vanathi
Mixed Bag OSCEs - Dr.Venkateswari

How to register?

To register below - You will need, 

  1. Pay registration fee, payment details are given on the registration form.
  2. Fill the form using, a valid email ID, UPI transaction ID, Snapshot/image of the transaction

Read the instructions on the form before making a transaction.

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Correct email

  • Use correct email IDs since you will receive a unique zoom link and password via email only.
  • Make sure you have access to your email account.
  • Remember the email ID you have used to register ( You may have more than 1 account and might get confused)

Payments Details

  • There are many numbers/IDs you may see after a successful transaction. we need a UPI reference/transaction number also called UTR or Unique Transaction Reference. This is the only number that we receive. It will be in numerical without alphabets. eg - 132014244384 sometime may be referred to as the bank reference ID

  • You need to take a quick snap after making the transaction and upload it. The form allows using the camera if you need it.

  • It is best if you could fill the form immediately after you perform the transaction


Yes, The fee is per session.

Thursday 2nd Dec, 11:59 PM. 

We close early so that we get adequate time for post-processing your payment and ensuring that everyone gets our emails and help if needed in a particular time frame. This saves you and us from last-minute hassle.

Possible reasons are you are not logged in to the browser via google/Gmail account or using the browser as a guest or anonymous, Rarely your Gmail may have problems like your drive may be full, etc. Simply log in to your browser using another Gmail/google account

No. We are a small group of people, trying to help out exam-going students., hence we are trying to keep manual work, minimum by using automatic email responses to the address you entered via the registration form after verification of payment, and therefore your correct entries are important.

Thursday late night, The email should be in your inbox by Friday 3rd Dec before 5Am (Thursday Late night). We don't send individualized emails, we simply can't. The emails with zoom links are sent as an email campaign by a third party which enables us to track our email deliveries. 

We do receive information on whether the email is delivered to your inbox, whether you have opened it and whether you have clicked it. This is necessary to make sure you get it and no false claims can be made, like filling up wrong email IDs etc.

You will receive the instruction on how to find the email if you couldn't find it, well in advance with the notification here and the telegram group.

You now have the email as an invitation to teaching event on Sunday, 5th Dec, on the email address you provided during registration. Majority will be able to locate following email spot on

From : DNB Teaching 2021 by KKCTH Alumni
Subject : DNB Teaching 2021 by KKCTH Alumni - 4th session
Contains - Unique zoom link and instruction to join. (Please Read them carefully)

What if you are not able to locate the email?

- 🔺Do not shoot message or email immediately; refresh your app and follow instructions below
- If you are using Gmail, if not in inbox, its is likely in your promotion tabs, in spam folder, or any other folder if you have set additional labels like important.
- you can also search this email after using 'show all emails' (includes all folder)
- When you attempt search, use the following key phrases or single words from these

KKCTH alumni group
zoom teaching session 4
scheduled Zoom meeting
DNB Pediatric blog


Still want to contact?
Email us with following details at . You need to mention these for us to check your registration details.

- Name you entered in form
- E-mail u entered in form
- UPI transaction ID
-Screenshot of payment receipt

Your emails will be replied to, only when made for genuine queries after you made the transaction. You may not get an immediate reply as we need to verify your details. Your email must mention, First name, last name, email ID, transaction ID, a photo proof of transaction clearly showing the transaction ID, date, etc to be eligible to verify and for us to send you a reply. you can email us at -

No, we do not issue refunds, in case you are not able to attend the live session for any reason. We do not guarantee the recordings of the sessions will be provided, but in the future, if this is available, we will let everyone know.

Privacy Policy

We keep a track of emails sent to you via a third party so that we can ensure delivery of the email and including knowing delivery status, opening and clicking the links.

Read the complete privacy policy and full disclaimer here.

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