Hydrocephalus in children - DNB solved questions

The post covers hydrocephalus in children, folliwing topics are discussed briefly

Table of contents

  • What is Hydrocephalus
  • Types of Hydrocephalus
  • Causes
  • Non-communicating type
  • Communicating
  • Early symptomps
  • Late symptomps
  • Diagnosis
  • Lab workup
  • Treatment Aim Therapy

DNB Question asked previosuly

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  6. Describe briefly cerebrospinal fluid formation, circulation, absorption, and enumerate causes of hydrocephalus. (2011/2)3+2+2+3
  7. What are the causes of congenital hydrocephalus? Describe clinical features and management of an infant with Arnold Chiari malformation. (2009/2)4+6
  8. Describe the normal cerebrospinal fluid pathway with the help of a diagram. Define and classify hydrocephalus and enlist its causes. (2009/1)4+6
  9. List the causes of Hydrocephalus in children. What is the pathogenesis and discuss the management (2005)10
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