Surfactant administration in neonate | Procedure skills OSCE

This video post demonstrates the procedure of surfactant administration in neonates. This was made during my residency rotation in NICU quite a long time back, and there will be a few mistakes (or many maybe). 

Even though it's crude and made by then amateur pediatric resident (that's me!), it should give a fair idea of the steps we must follow during the procedure. This can be a short revision for observed OSCE stations or Viva on procedure or equipment.

What are the Prerequisites?

  1. Confirm the indication and necessity of invasive procedures. 
  2. Rule out contraindication to perform the procedure such as pulmonary haemorrhage
  3. Assist Initially to gain experience under supervision and follow proper steps.


Admission to NICU carries implicit consent for such an emergency procedure however it does carry risk and parents or carers must be fully informed about the procedure at the first suitable opportunity and written consent should be obtained.

DP Video wraps

Best of video's made with the best ingredients.

The video demonstrates Surfactant administration in neonate


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Ajay Agade | DNB(Pediatrics), FNB(Pediatric Intensive Care), Fellowship in Pediatric pulmonology and LTV

Ajay is a Paediatric Intensivist, currently working in Pediatric Pulmonology & LTV at Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS, London

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