Shock in Pediatrics - Types, Presentation and Management

Overview of Paediatric Shock

Shock in Pediatric patient is a important topic for the theory as well as clinicals, Even though this presentation was originally presented during NICU posting, the basic principles are same. Along with management following topics regarding pediatric shock are covered.

This PowerPoint presentation covers the following topics.

  1. Definition
  2. Types and categories
  3. Etiology of various types of shock
  4. Basic Principles of management
  5. Therapeutic endpoints
  6. Fluids Management in shock
  7. Monitoring
  8. Indication of Blood products in shock
  9. Pharmacological support - Choice of Vasopressors and assessment of response
  10. Steroids in shock
  11. Fluid refractory shock
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Dr Balbir Singh | DNB Pediatric

Balbir completed his DNB in Pediatrics from JLNH and RC, Bhilai Steel Plant Hospital, CG and is currently working as consultant in pediatrics