Breaking bubble of insecurity in DNB exams

There is a lot of insecurity before and after choosing DNB in Pediatrics in minds of PG aspirants. Not only the DNB exams are hard to clear, MD and DNB degrees are always a subject of comparison sending a wrong message to PG aspirants.

There are many discussions available online, even by the websites managed by people from non-medical background, giving faulty information. These comparisons results in conflicts and series of failures.

The following discussion and resource links can be helpful for sorting that out.

Few days back I got an opportunity to share my thought on the same topic, with Jatin from free-association. Here is my discussion.

There is lot of dilemma and questions about the ideal institution where you should seek your post graduate training. Here is an important guide on How to choose a good DNB institute in counselling?

Another dilemma for DNB aspirants is whether to choose Diplomas like DCH, DGO first or straight-forward opt in for DNB in various specialities. This post - Primary DNB vs Secondary DNB, will immensely help you get through that puzzle.

The Bubble of insecurity produced the medical society in India and more by ourselves has now come to a point of self destruction. Think about the big picture, MD vs DNB discussion now feel boring and cliche. National Boards DNB degree has come a long way and constantly improving. The time is of further educations and training after post graduations. Try to refrain yourself from tiny issues like MD vs DNB and get going, after choosing pro's and Cons's wisely.

DNB in Pediatrics shining as a great branch as far as DNB is concerned. Newer and valid exam methods like OSCE were introduced in Pediatrics long before other branches started following.

CME's and teaching programmes conducted for Pediatrics are way ahead of other branches in DNB. IAP action plan already started live case presentation sessions for Pediatric post graduates! Here is the link to the DIAP platform.

Here are the resources required for getting good results in DNB final exam, I am sure other DNB speciality also can benefit from these - DNB exam resources. Some of these are written by National Board's examiners.

The step to move forward is to Break or solve the following three hurdles.

  1. Break the stigma associated with DNB before you start, Be informed about the problems you may have to face.
  2. Choose your institute and branch wisely, so that you can do justice to what you started
  3. Prepare for the finals from day one, Be methodical, plan ahead. Here is how to prepare for DNB exams.

Happy Studying !

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Ajay Agade | DNB(Pediatrics), FNB(Pediatric Intensive Care), Fellowship in Pediatric pulmonology and LTV

Ajay is a Paediatric Intensivist, currently working in Pediatric Pulmonology & LTV at Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS, London

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