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156. Early treatment failure in malaria after what duration – 72hrs

157. Osler weber rendu inheritance-

158. Pierre robin sequence with respiratory distress- placement in prone position

159. Hypothermia – infant extremities appears pink, decreased O2 dissociation.

160. Stream indicator of organ perfusion- urine output.

161. Coning of cerebellar tonsils through foramen magnum, immediate effect- respiratory arrest.

162. Sinus venosus defect is associated with PAPVC

163. Heart defect associated with PPHN- Infracardiac type of TAPVC

164. Lorenzo’s oil slows down the cerebral white matter degenerative changes in ALD.

165. Diaper rash characteristics

166. SBP centile for compensated shock (MODS criteria)- less than 5th centile.

167. Febrile seizures major risk factor- Age less than 1year.

168. Gradenigo syndrome all except– contralateral eye pain.

169. Romanaward syndrome associated with long QT.

170. Ectopia cordial associated with Pentology of cantrel.

171. ROP- 28weeker, screening done at 32weeks/ 4weeks after.

172. GTCS child on valparin 10mg/kg, uncontrolled seizures- increase the dose of Valparin.

173. Fixed drug eruption scenario.

174. All sensations are carried by ventral tract except- proprioception.

175. CVP catheter is placed in which position- semi reclined position/ Supine/  lateral.

176. Heart disease associated with decreased pulmonary blood flow- ?VSD with PS.

177. Hyperdynamic apex- volume overload.

178. Most common cause of Under 5 mortality- Pneumonia.

179. Intensity of PS murmur in TOF – inversely proportional to the severity of stenosis.

180. Insulin administration and lipodystrophy- 6months/ 6months to 2yrs, 2 to 5yr, >5yrs.

181. Limb hypoplasia and Brain lobe associated- frontal/ parietal/ Temporal/ occipital.

182. HIE 2 stage associated with Miosis.

183. Pulmonary pressure maximal fall to adult value – 1day/ 3days/ 6days/ after 6days.

184. 1st sign of papilledema- Nasal obscuration.

185. Morphine dose in cyanotic spell- 0.2mg/kg.

186. Refractive error seen in ROP- Myopia.

187. In case of sepsis, AKI incidence after how many days- 1 to 3days/ 3 days to 7days/ 7 to 10 days.
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