Pediatric multiple choice question with answers - Part 2

This is a second part of set of 150 objective questions (MCQ) in pediatrics along with answers

These are one liners MCQ,s based on recall from previous exams. Feel free to submit corrections below.

The term Early treatment failure in malaria is used after what duration?


Osler weber rendu syndrome inheritance pattern is?

Autosomal dominant

Position preferred to nurse in Pierre robin sequence with respiratory distress?

placement in prone position

Which is the clinical indicator of organ perfusion?

urine output.

What is the immediate effect of coning of cerebellar tonsils through the foramen magnum?

respiratory arrest.

Sinus venosus defect is associated with which cardiac defect?


Heart defect associated with PPHN is?

Infracardiac type of TAPVC

Lorenzo’s oil is shown to slow down the cerebral white matter degenerative changes in?


Diaper rash characteristiced by?

Red perythematous apules, vesicles, and small superficial erosions.

What is the bood pressure centile for compensated shock (MODS criteria)?

less than 5th centile.

Which is the major risk factor for Febrile seizures?

Age less than 1year.

What is the triad of Gradenigo syndrome?

Triad of suppurative otitis media, pain in the distribution of the trigeminal nerve, and abducens nerve palsy.

What is the ECG findng associated with Romanaward syndrome?

Romanaward syndrome is associated with long QT.

Ectopia cordis associated with>

Pentalogy of Cantrell.

What is Pentalogy of Cantrell?

Pentalogy of Cantrell is a combination of five birth defects affecting the sternum, the diaphragm , pericardium, the heart and abdominal wall.

In a 28 weeker ROP screening should be done at?

32weeks/ (4weeks after).

WHat is the characteristics of Fixed drug eruption?

Well defined erythematous patch, plaque, or bullous eruption that recurs at the same site as the result of systemic exposure to a offendng drug, that resolves with or without hyperpigmentation.

All the sensations are carried by the ventral tract except?


CVP catheter is placed in which position?


Heart disease associated with decreased pulmonary blood flow is?

VSD with PS.

Hyperdynamic apex is seen in this condition?

volume overload.

The most common cause of Under 5 mortality is?


The intensity of PS murmur in TOF is inversaly propoertional to?

inversely proportional to the severity of stenosis.

Ocular finding in HIE 2 stage is?


Pulmonary pressure in neonate falls to adult value by?

By 2 weeks of age

1st sign of papilledema is?

Nasal obscuration.

What is morphine dose in cyanotic spell?


Most common refractive error seen in ROP is?


In case of sepsis, AKI incidence after how many days

1 to 3days/ 3 days to 7days/ 7 to 10 days.

Accidental ingestion of imipramine, immediate line of management is?

sorbitol + activated charcoal.

In peritonsillar abscess, tonsils are displaced in which direction?

inferiorly and medially 

Lead levels at which medical treatment tis o be initiated? 


Waardenburg syndrome is?

Hearing loss and changes in hair, skin, and eyes color.

Chromosome involved in CATCH-22 syndrome?


Commest cause of uvolemic hyponatremia

:ow sodium intake

Noorwood procedure is done for?

Hypoplastic left heart syndrome

Bezolds abscess is?

A rare deep neck abscess due to intratemporal complication of a  mastoiditis which extends into neck musculature.

Short PR interval is seen in?

wpw syndrome

Bazetts formula is used for?

  Calculation of corrected Qtc interval

In mesial temporal sclerosis associated with refractory seizures, best treatment results are seen with?


Emergency procedure performed in case of TGA is?

Atrial septostomy.

Takayasu's arteritis is characterized by?

Segmental and patchy granulomatous inflammation of the aorta and its major branches

Proximal muscle weakness with vasculopathy, muscle calcifications is seen in?


Di-epoxy butane test is used for diagnosis of?

Fanconi anemia.

Polycythemia is a central hematocrit of?


Periungual fibromas (Koenen fibromas) in case of tuberous sclerosis appear by what age?


MRI finding seen in severe HIE are?

Bilateral basal ganglia and thalamus hyperintensities

Thalassemia major is characterized by all except

low serum iron

Warning sign in dengue is?

persistent vomiting

Low osmolar ORS reduces all except? 

reduced antibiotic rates in dysentery.

Spasmus nutans is associated with

Iron or Vit D deficiency

Number of vitamin A doses by 5yrs of age as per RMNCH programme?

2 doses

Ellis van Creveld syndrome is associated with this congenitial heart disease?


Subcutaneous fat necrosis is a complication of this electrolye disturbance?


Which vaccine is not included in mission indradhanush?


A cleft in the cerebral hemisphere is seen in?


A condition with smooth cerebral convolutions is?


Tinea pedis affects commonly which web spaces?

 interdigital clefts

Pediatric Multiple choice questions for mrcpach part 1 and DNB exam

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