Pediatric multiple choice question with answers - Part 1

This is a set of 150 objective questions (MCQ) in pediatrics along with answers

These are one liners MCQ,s based on recall from previous exams. Feel free to submit corrections below.

At 4 months head circumference measures around?


Babbling is seen  at?


Infection in neonates with a presentation similar to RDS is seen with this infection?

group b streptococcus

A Cherry red spot is seen in?

Gangliosidosis, taysachs, neiman picks

Viral infection associated with hypoglycorhacchia is seen with?


The organism causing swimmers ear infection is?

pseudomonas aeruginosa

Erythrasma is caused by?


Gionnete Crostie bodies are seen in?

Hepatitis B infection

In Fatty oxidation defect urinary ketones are present or absent?

absent urine ketones

In the JSSK program, newborn follow up is done for?


In Home based newborn care, a newborn is followed up for?

42 days

Most common cardiac anomaly presenting with brain abscess?

TOF presentation

The drug of choice in Segawa syndrome (dopamine responsive dystonia) is?


Drug of choice for infantile spasms in tuberous sclerosis?


Renal side effect of Topiramate side is?

renal stones

Kep feature os Apert syndrome is


Delta brush pattern on EEG is seen in

anti NMDA receptor encephalitis

Which mucopolysaccharidosis has similar clinical features as GM1 gangliosidosis?

Hurler syndrome (type1)

Which neonatal reflex is exaggerated  GM2 gangliosidosis?

Startle response

Investigations in a 4month old infant following a first episode UTI?

Renal and bladder ultrasound

Non renal cause for which dialysis is indicated?

Metabolic acidosis, Hyperkalemia

Hyperplastic nails are seen in?

Rubenstein taybi syndrome

Current recommendation for a large hemangioma treatment is ?

Intralesional bleomycin/ propronolol/ topical steroids.

Nystagmus retractorius is?

Slow abduction of the eyes, followed by rapid adduction

4yr old neurologically normal child presents with generalized tonic clonic convulsion for 10min, what is the next plan of investigation?


The neural tube closes between?

3rd and 4th week

The preventive dose of folic acid for NTD is? 


Wide opened AF is seen in? 


Markers seen in dermatitis herpitiformis are?

IgA and anti TTg antibody

Common ophthalmic presentation of Multiple sclerosis is?

Optic neuritis

Large café au lait spot with irregular margins are seen in?

Mc Cune Albright Sydrome

Percentage of infants with spastic diplegia with MRI findings of periventricular leukomalacia?


Papular purpuric glove and stock syndrome is caused by

  Parvo virus

P wave changes in Right atrial hypertrophy ECG

P wave amplitude >2.5mm

In shock cardiac index is to be maintained at?


10 yr old with early morning seizures and dropping objects from the hand, the diagnosis could be?

Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy

Epilepsy syndrome that presents beyond infancy is?

Lennox Gestaut syndrome

The drug of choice for the west syndrome is?


Organisms found to be responsible for simple gastro

enteritis in GEMS 

  Rotavirus, ETEC, EPEC, Cryptosporidium, norovirus GI and II, enteric adenovirus types 40 & 41

Shigella affects which part of the intestine?


E Coli strain which causes persistent diarrhea

enteroaggregative ecoli

6 month old immunized presents with bacterial meningitis. What is a possible organism?


The usual age of presentation for Congenital glaucoma is?

from birth to 3yrs

Cornea reaches adult size by?


qrs complex reaches adult size

? 4 to 6 yrs

Sodium content in lactated ringer is? 


Congenital toxoplasmosis presentation in neonate?

periventricular calcifications/ pneumonia/ encephalitis

Persistent tachycardia in a neonate is heart rate more than?


The earliest sign of septic shock is?


The inheritance pattern in Menkes syndrome inheritance

x linked

The inheritance pattern of color blindness is?

x linked pattern

Stills murmur is?

Still's murmur is a functional murmur which refers to a benign flow murmur across the aortic valve due to high cardiac output states.

VSD type associated with aortic regurgitation

sub aortic

The risk of hydrocephalus increases with?

high spinal defects

Renal angina index severity score moderate risk score is?


Renal biopsy indicated in unremitting ARF of this duration?

  >4weeks duration

Common refractive error in an infant with retinopathy of prematurity?


LCH is associated with which type of deafness?

Both sensorineural and conductive deafness

Target leisons or bulls eye is seen in?

Erythema multiformae

Mobius syndrome involves 

Muscles that control facial expression and eye movement ( fascio scapulohumeral dystropy )

Commenest type of spinal mascular atrophy is?

Type2 SMA

Ragged red fibers are seen because of?

Accumulation of abnormal mitochondria below the plasma membrane of the muscle fiber.

All of the these a) limb girdle systrophy, b) dmd c) bmd d) mitochondrial disease are transmitted by a female except?

Limb girdle dystrophy.

Staphylococcus is a common pathogen in?

Chediak higashi syndrome

For diagnosis of  toxic epidermolysis necrolytica, how much % of skin should be involved?


Both epidermis and subcutaneous tissue are involved in?

Steven Jhonson syndrome.

Acne form eruptions seen with this drug?


What is earliest skin manifestations of acne?


ECG changes in alcapa are?

 Deep q waves are often present in I, aVL, and V3


qp:qs ratio, at which left atrial and left ventricular dilatation occurs?


Seizure mimic seen with GERD in this syndrome? 

Sandifer syndrome

Staging of levido reticularis done at what level of skin (between groin to knee/ knee to ankle/ shoulder to elbow/ below elbow)


Spider nevi in children commonly seen in which area of the body?

Face, neck and sun exposed areas

Commonest sequelae following bacterial meningitis

sensorineural hearing loss.

Following bacterial meningitis what is the test to be done before discharge


Cicatricial skin lesions with limb hypoplasia are seen in?

congenital varicella

What are child rights?

participation, protection, survival, development

True hermaphroditism is?

Presence of both testicular tissue with seminiferous tubules and ovarian tissue with graafian follicles in a single individual.

Lyme disease's earliest symptom are?

fever and myalgia

In Eosinophilic meningitis, number of eosinophils in csf  is?


In tropical pulmonary eosinophilia, eosinophil count is?

  >3000 cells

Anti-arrhythmic class of drugs responsible for torsades depointes is?

class 1c 

CNS CONS infection is commonly associated with?

CSF shunt infection.

Indication for surgical intervention in case of cerebral abscess is?

Presence of gas in the abscess

In ICDS program – calories and proteins supplied  are?

500cal and 10


The method to isolate chlamydiae is? – Nucleic acid amplification tests (NAATs)

Most common congenital defect in nose is?

choanal atresia

Common presentation to the ER with a foreign body in the nose is?


A practical method to assess severe dehydration in a child is?

Skin pinch

What is Pediatric assessment triangle is? 

appearance, WOB, and circulation

Shawl sign in dermatomyositis is?

  Raised rashes distributed in a “shawl” pattern over the shoulders, arms, and upper back, in a V

shaped pattern over the front of the neck and chest

Nakayama bodies are seen in?

Roseola infantum.

In EtCo2 trace , at which phase the dead space gas will be exhaled/correlates

Phase 2

What is the test useful to differentiate between complicated and uncomplicated sam

appetite test.

A schoo going boy had a conflict with another boy and sustained hematoma in the neck region. The next day morning he was found to have contralateral hemiplegia. What could be the reason?

Answer? (aortic dissections/ lateral sinus thrombosis /subdural hemorrhage).

Primary amoebic meningoencephalitis is caused by?

Naegleria fowleri.

Extrapyramidal symptoms are seen with?


ROP screening time in an infant born at 28weeks gestation?

4 weeks after birth (at 31 weeks post menstrual age)

3yr old girl with developmental regression with wringing hand movements are seen in?

retts syndrome.

Functional closure of ductus arteriosus ocurs in?

10 to 15 hrs.

Pediatric Multiple choice questions for mrcpach part 1 and DNB exam

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