Steps involved in Adoption - Frequently asked Questions


Social, emotional and legal process that provides a new family when the birth family is unable or unwilling to parent.

Adoption process : 

Step:1 Preparation for adoption

Couple should be prepared mentally and physically with mutual consent to adopt.
Age difference between atleast one of the parent and the baby to be adopted should not be > 40yrs.
Adoption to be done through approval agency.

Documents required,
  1. Age proof certificate
  2. Income Certificate
  3. Marriage registration certificate
  4. Doctor certificate regarding health and infertility status
  5. Photograph

Step : 2 Pre adoption counselling – home study report

Done by social worker of approved agency who visits adopting family.

Step : 3 Selection of a child

Agency will identify a suitable / compatible child
Social worker will arrange to see the child
Agency will make available particulars of the child (child study report) and get a complete examiantion of child including
  1. Anthropormetry , immunization status
  2. Inv: CBC, CHEST X-RAY, LFT, RFT, Urine and stool analysis,
  3. USG abdomen , ECHO , HIV , HbSAg, Thyroid screening, Special tests – for hemolytic anemia, IEM, chromosomal anomaly.
All documents, home study report, child study report, letter of acceptance of child – filled in court with application and referred to scrutinizing agent (Indian counsil of child welfare).
Order will be issued by the court and deed of adoption will be executed

Step4: - Follow up and post adoption counselling
  1. Nutritional status
  2. Immunization
  3. Growth and development


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