Steps involved in Adoption - Frequently asked Questions

Definition of adoption

A social, emotional, and legal process that provides a new family when the birth family is unable or unwilling to parent.

Table of Contents

Steps involved in process of the Adoption process : 

Step:1 Preparation for adoption

  1. Couples should be prepared mentally and physically with mutual consent to adopt.
  2. Parents/parents satisfy the pre-requisite.
  3. Registration through an authorized agency
  4. Agency explains the procedure, formalities, paperwork etc.

Here is a more detailed discussion on eligibility criteria for parents.

Documents required

  1. Evidence of parents/parent age
  2. Income evidence
  3. Marriage registration certificate
  4. Doctor certificate regarding health and infertility status of parents
  5. Photograph prospective parents etc

Step: 2 Home study - Preadoption counseling

  1. takes place within 3 months
  2. Done by a social worker of the approved agency who visits adopting family and their home.
  3. Involves counseling, motivation. discuss parental concerns and find out issues if any.
  4. The conclusion of the study are reported to the court.

Step: 3 Child Referral

  1. Agency will identify a child who is ready for adoption.
  2. Agency will make available particulars of the child (child study report) and get a complete examination of the child and share the detail with prospective parents
  3. The agency/Social worker will arrange the child and prospective parents meeting.

Some of the things covered in the physical examination of the child are.

  1. Anthropometry, immunization status
  2. Inv: CBC, CHEST X-RAY, LFT, RFT, Urine and stool analysis,
  3. USG abdomen, ECHO, HIV, HBsAg, Thyroid screening, Special tests – for hemolytic anemia, IEM, a chromosomal anomaly.

Step 4 - Legal Process

All documents, home study report, child study report, letter of acceptance of child – filled in court with an application are submitted and referred to the scrutinizing agent (Indian council of child welfare). The petition is filed and a formal session with parents and child is arranged.

Order will then be issued by the court and the deed of adoption will be executed.

Here we have discussed laws of adoptions in India

Step 5: - Follow up and post-adoption counseling

The agency starts following up on the wellbeing of the child and the adjustment with new parents and home. This includes physical, nutritional, and psychological aspects.

This topic is discussed in detail here - Law of adoption and role of Pediatrician

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