150 Multiple choice questions in Pediatrics

MCQ in pediatrics for MRCPCH exam

This is a Set of 150 Multiple choice questions in pediatrics for DNB and MRCPCH exams.

These MCQs are based on a recall mostly, from DNB Exam held in December 2016 and there are chances of few errors. Feel free to correct or add more them using your comments.

The MCQ are one-liner. Could not recall the choices, so giving out only the questions in short. It will be helpfull as most of these are commonly and repeatedly asked in the exam. Please use comments to leave the answers if you can.

1• Retinal detachment is seen in which stage of ROP
2• Pulmonary symptom of cough is seen in which parasitic infection
a. Tape b. Whip c. Round d. Thread
3• Re-somal Na+ concentration
4• Antiganglioside antibody in Miller Fischer variant of GBS
a. GM1 b. GD1A c. GT1B d. GQ
5• Iodine concentration in iodized salt
6• Vitamin D in pregnancy causes
7• Giardiasis radiological feature
8• Albendazole
9• Cystic echinoccocus
10• Multigene duplication and deletion is diagnosed by
11• SAM anganwadi nutrition therapy
12• Velocardiofacial micro deletion
13• Breteau index
14• 6 years’ iron and folic acid supplementation
15• Ro SSB crosses placenta at which gestational age
16• Drug induced lupus is not caused by
17• Antibody in drug induced lupus
18• Severe SAM MUAC:Head circumference ratio
19• Leimierre syndrome
20• Figure of 8 pulmonary graphics
21• Level of prevention in CP to prevent disability development
22• Two screening test applied at the same time for a disease
23• Trummer-field zone on X-ray
24• In SLE immunological response is
25• Level of lead for chelation therapy
26• APAC stands for in communication
27• Phenobarbitone is given in
28• Nasal polyp, aspirin sensitivity, triad
29• Steroid treatment guidelines in croup
30• SIADH diagnostic criteria
31• SIDS neurotransmitter involved is
32• Most common B cell defect
33• % of body weight for trace element
34• 11-week gestational age ANC scan omphalocele is present give advice
35• Marriage with 1st cousin increases chance of genetic disease by
36• ARDS diagnostic criteria
37• Patient with iron deficiency, hemosiderosis, hemoptysis
38• CD4:CD8>4 elevated D dimer in BAL is diagnostic for
39• Macrocytic anemia with reticulocytosis
40• Blood in stool, growth failure, fever abdominal pain for 18 months’ sigmoidoscopy normal
41• Blood in stool in healthy newborn
42• Marginal placental separation in full term NVD baby passes blood in stool how to differentiate from maternal blood and fetal blood
43• Monophonic wheeze
44• Salmon patch normal finding
45• Citrulline is increased in
46• Oculomotor apraxia
47• Feature of fetal alcohol syndrome
48• Genetic penetration with increasing age
49• Manganese as a cofactor deficiency causes
50• 100ml F100 protein and lactose content
51• Cabbage odor urine in which metabolic disorder
52• Garlic odor in which poisoning
53• True about bronchiolitis
54• After electrocution, no pulse on palpation, beat present on pulse oxymetry, CPR given next step
55• SVT
56• Fabray’s disease
57• Dominant gene mutation
58• Retropharyngeal abscess is seen in posterior pharyngeal wall in
59• Rheumatoid nodule in poly arthritis JIA seen in
60• In KF ring copper deposition occurs in which layer
61• Pregnanediol isoform
62• JIA is said when arthritis is present since
63• In aggressive polyarticular JIA is seen in
64• ANA positive in JIA
65• Plasma transfusion gives
66• Bernard solier syndrome
67• Wiskot-Aldrich syndrome
68• Normal complement level is seen in which nephritis
69• Vaccination can be given in which immune deficiency condition
70• 7 days old infant develop chicken pox
71• Recurrent staph infection in
72• Purulent conjunctivitis, corneal scarring, giemsa stain positive
73• Normal GFR at 1 month of age
74• GIR for infant
75• Newborn urine maximum concentrating ability
76• Treatment in pregnancy to treat heart block
77• Attributable risk calculation
78• Pathogenesis of erythromycin causing HPS
79• Hyper-oxea test
80• H-pylori study sample
81• Study for contact spread control
82• Measles attack rate
83• Cystic fibrosis presentation
84• Calcium gluconate in hypomagnesemia causes
85• Spo2 74% PaO2 210
86• Sensitivity, specificity
87• Thrombocytopenia treatment
88• JSSK study
89• Burn IVF
90• Minimata disease
91• Floppy infant
92• Enzyme decreased in metachromatic leucodystrophy
93• Continuous urine leak normal voiding
94• Parachute reflex
95• Normal fetal growth is produced by
96• Normal fetal growth is not affected by
97• 6 years’ breast enlargement, pubic hair, increased LH
98• 1st child has NTD 3 months pre-conceptional treatment with folic acid prevents NTD in next pregnancy by what %
99• Retinal growth in human milk
100• X linked dominant example
101• Vitamin A dose in < 6 months
102• Hypernatremia > 190mEq/L treatment
103• Descending paralysis
104• Dominant gene occurs
105• Skin lesion in Fabray’s
106• Earliest response to iron therapy
107• ABG Ph 7.319, Po2 170, Pco2 17.4, HCO3 8.7 base excess 14.5
108• Tumor lysis syndrome
109• Stroke in children is caused by
110• Parameters affecting mixed venous O2
111• Diaphragmatic hernia
112• EtCO2 is increased in
113• Chylothorax is most common in children with
114• Pulse oxymetry principal
115• SVT is caused by
116• Nutrition in critically ill child protein requirement
117• Levetiracetam dose in status epilepticus
118• Air leak management strategy in ventilation
119• Encephalopathy, dehydration, skin lesion
120• Polyneuropathy
121• Typical HUS
122• Investigation for dengue
123• WHO diagnostic criteria for dengue shock syndrome
124• Spirometry in asthma diagnostic criteria
125• Caffeine in apnea of prematurity is used
126• GOI NBSU criteria
127• Unilateral epistaxis
128• Cornea in newborn becomes adult size at which age
129• Cogan syndrome
130• Pendered syndrome gene
131• Polycythemia Vera diagnosis
132• Near vision in newborn is fixed at
133• Extra intestinal manifestation of cystic fibrosis
134• Girl with DM and necrotizing pneumonia
135• Rickettsia CSF finding
136• EBOLA diagnosis
137• Miltefosine
138• Vibrio cholera toxin
139• Rh negative pregnancy blood for exchange transfusion
140• Adverse effect of immunization to be reported
141• BNP
142• Chest circumference
143• Protease inhibitor
144• Net protein utilization
145• Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation most common complication.