Theory question paper: June 2017

Dr Annasaheb Lokhande
Read the questions carefully and answer to the point neatly and legibly.
Do not leave any blank pages between two answers
Indicate the question number correctly for the answer in the margin space.
Answer the parts of a Single question together.
Start the answer to a question on a fresh page or leave adequate space  between two answers.
Draw table/diagrams/flowcharts wherever appropriate.

Time        : 3 hours
Max. Marks    : 100


1. a) Physiologic function of Zinc in human body with special reference to immunity. 5+2+3
   b) Role of Zinc in treatment of pediatric diarrhea,
   c) Clinical features of acrodermatitis enteropathica,
2. a) Observational studies 3+4+3
   b) Meta analysis,
   c) Assessing the validity of a diagnostic test.
3. a) Rota Virus vaccines: dosage, schedule & side effects. 5+5
   b) Mechanisms of antibiotic resistance.
4. a) Physiology of acid base homeostasis. 6+4
   b) Enumerate the causes of metabolic acidosis on the basis of anion gap,
5. a) Setting up of Special Care Newborn Unit in, a district hospital 5+5
   b) Tools used for developmental screening.
6. a) Strategies to prevent mother to child transmission of HIV infection 5+5
   b) Capsule based Nucleic Acid Amplification test (Gene Xpert) for tuberculosis.
7. a) Draw a diagrammatic representation of the coagulation cascade.
   b) What is the etiopathogenesis of Vitamin K deficiency in infancy? 5+5
8. a) Surfactant replacement therapy. 5+5
   b) Iron chelation therapy.
9. Indications, mode of action and side effects of intravenous immununoqlobulins (IVlg) in pediatric practice.
10. a) Circulation of CSF. 5+5
    b) Enumerate various causes of hydrocephalus in children.


1. a) Differential diagnosis of respiratory distress In a 6 hour old, newborn infant. 4(3+3)
   b) Pathophysiology and recent advances in the management of Respiratory Distress syndrome.
2. a) Treatment modalities for retinopathy of prematurity. 4+3+3
   b) Human milk- banking: Criteria for donors, collection & storage.
   c) Development dysplasia of the hip: Diagnosis.
3. a) Complications of pediatric obesity. 5+5
   b) Management at severe acute malnutritlon.
4. a) Define and enumerate causes of Global Developmental delay. 5+5
   b) Outline the investigation approach of Global developmental Delay.
5. a) Causes of recurrent hematuria. 5+5
   b) Management of steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome.


6. a) Transfusion associated hepatitis Diagnosis & management. 6+4
   b) Management of worm infestation in children.
7. a) Utility of immuno-phenotyping in the diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in children. 5+5
   b) Outline management of ALL in children.
8. a) Indications of growth hormone therapy in Pediatrics. 6+4
   b) Breath Holding Spells
9. a) Adolescent-vaccination 5+5
   b) Approach to common psychological p.problems of adolescents.
10. a) Steps in management of status epilepticus in children. 6+4
    b) Current status of newer antiepileptic drugs.


1. Clinical features, diagnostic tests and management of severe malaria in children. 3+3+4
2. a) Management of Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) in children. 5+5
   b) Treatment of childhood autism.
3. a) Congenital cataract - Diagnosis & management. 5+5
   b) Treatment of acute otitis media.
4. Pathophysiology, causes, clinical features and management of acute renal failure in children. 3+3+2+2
5. a) Assessment and management of a child with suspected poisoning. 5+5
   b) Management of congenital adrenal hyperplasia.


6. a) Outline pain pathway. 3+(4+3)
   b) Pharmacologic and non-pharmacoloqic methods of pain relief children.
7. a) Measures to reduce intracranial tension. 4+6
   b) Management of scabies in children.
8. a) Factor replacement therapy in Hemophilia. 5+5
   b) Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.
9. a) Aerosol therapy for respiratory disorders. 5+5
   b) Current guidelines for management of H1N1 infection.
10. a) Treatment of Gastro-esophageal reflux disease 5+5
    b) Causes of cardiomyopathy in children
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