MCQs in general pediatrics with answers | Part 2

Pediatric MCQ quiz for medical students

This is a set Multiple choice questions in general pediatrics that are commonly asked in the exam. These MCQs are one-liners, and are based on a recall from the previous exams

Garlic smell is seen in poisoning with?


Right axis deviation is not seen in?
C. AV septal defect.

AV septal defect

The most characteristic feature of refeeding syndrome is?


The Sucking swallowing reflex coordination is similar for the term and preterm until? 

3 weeks

RTA with nephrocalcinosis is seen in?


The most suppressed hormone in SAM is?


The formula for sensitivity formula is?


Contraindication of bag-mask ventilation?


The most common cause of acquired stridor in children?

Foreign body

Drug causing pulmonary and systemic vasodilation both?


Ideal delivery room temperature for ELBW baby?


How many genes are present in the human genome?


Examples of XLD inheritance?

Incontinentia pigmenti, Hypophosphatemic rickets, Alport's syndrome, Rett's syndrome

CD4:CD8>4 What could be the diagnosis?

Sarcoidosis, Hodgkins lymphoma

BAL shows elevated D-dimers in?


What is the chromosome responsible for retinoblastoma?


Monophasic wheeze is characteristic of ?

Foreign body or tumour

Gas in portal vein is seen at this stage of NEC?

Stage 2B

Gene sequence in Marfan's?

FBN1 15 chromosome

The child walks alone at the age?

15 months

Most common cardiomyopathy in children?

dilated cardiomyopathy

A chid can transfer object from hand to hand at the age of?

7 to 9 months.

Child can use past tense from?

4 years

Quadruple blood test includes?

AFP, HCG, EsTriol, Inhibin A are part of quadruple test for downs and Edwards.)

A decreases in Ph by 0.1 causes a shift of potassium by?


Most common cause of distributive shock in children is?


High PaO2 with peripheral cyanosis can be seen in?


Hemosiderin laden macrophages are seen in?

Interstitial pulmonary disease and pulmonary hemorrhage

Limp gait in obese-adolescent can point to?


Salmon rash is seen in?


Syndrome associated with hypercomplementemia?


What is the Hemoglobin in a 3 months old baby?


What is Ballard scoring used for?

The Ballard score is used to determine gestational age.

Fontann procedure is don for?

Tricuspid atresia, mitral atresia, hypoplastic left heart

Pure tone audiometry can be done beyond the age of?

3 years

Angel wing sign is seen in?


This is not a feature of MAS?

Raised ESR. Despite high C-reactive protein, The rythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) falls

Drug of choice in absence seizures?

Valproic acid

Levetiracetam acts on this receptor?

Sv2 receptors inhibiting presynaptic Ca channels.

Synaptic vesicle glycoprotein 2A (SV2A) is a protein that controls action potential-dependent neurotransmitters release which also serves as a binding site for Levetiracetam

Imaging of choice in NMD?

MRI/MR Spectroscopy

A most common cause of unilateral nose bleeding is?

Digital trauma

EBV symptoms in adolescents are?

Mononucleosis-fever, sore throat, lymphadenopathy

Deep palmar crease and plantar furrow are seen in?

trisomy 8

Child names one color at this age?

30 months

Inheritance of hyperkalemic periodic paralysis?

SCN4A autosomal dominant

Intraparenchymal bleed is which grade of Intraventricular hemorrhage?


In Tanner stage breast bud develops at this stage?


Pneumatised sinus at birth is?


6l/min oxygen FiO2?


The early manifestation of retinitis pigmentosa is?

Night blindness

A common site of bleeding in HDNB?

Umbilical stoma

Immunoglobulin affected in Severe acute malnutrition?

Levels of IgA are elevated

JE vaccine used by GOI for vaccination?

JEEV- SA14-14-2

Bruton's disease is?

Bruton agammaglobulinemia or X-linked agammaglobulinemia is congenital immunodeficiency disorder characterized by the absence of mature B cells leading to antibody deficiency and recurrent infections.

Investigation of choice in HIE?


Before infusion Sodium nitroprusside is diluted with?


IEM with hepatosplenomegaly and Autism?

Sanfilippo disease


The gold standard test for streptococcal pharyngitis?

Throat culture

Glomerulonephritis associated with hepatitis B?


Cranial blood flow in a neonate is?


Most common lobe involved in aspiration pneumonia?

A most common cause of high anion gap metabolic acidosis?


Duration for effective KMC is?

60 min

What are the criterias for renal angina?

Sr.Cr, eCrCl, fluid overload.

Gene responsible for febrile seizure?

FEB 1to 10

Caffey disease?

Infantile cortical hyperostosis or caffey disease is a physiological periostitis involving the diaphyses of the tibia, humerous, and femur

An early sign of kernicterus induced brain damage is?


In genu valgus, the intermalleolar distance?


Contractures at birth are relieve by?

Early vigorous physical therapy

A most common factor in the pathogenesis of NEC?

Activation of TLR4.

The earliest sign of septic shock?


The earliest sign of cardiac shock is?


Which type of shock results from decreased oncotic pressure?


Peripheral neuropathy with pulmonary symptoms and eosinophilia is seen in?

Hypereosinophilic syndrome

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