200 commonly asked MCQ in Pediatrics - Part 2

MCQ in pediatrics

Part 2 of the Set of 200 Multiple choice questions in pediatrics for DNB and MRCPCH exams that are commonly asked.

These MCQs are based on a recall mostly, from DNB Exam held in June 2017 and there are chances of few errors. Feel free to correct or add more of them using your comments.

101. A child with recurrent Ottorea and necrotic tissue in the ear

Ans- Histiocytosis X

102. Calculate PPV for a disease with 10 % prevalence and 90% specificity and 90% sensitivity

Ans -

103. All of the following are correct except

a. Vit D toxicity causes hypercalcemia and Hyperphosphatemia
b. Hyper-parthyroidiam cause hyperphosphatemia in

104. Large placenta with hydatidiform??

a. Diploidy mixoploidy synd
b. Downs syndrome
c. Turner syndrome

105. In the diagnosis of Esophageal oesophagitis? no of Eosinophils Cell no. ..

a. 5/hpf
b. 10/Hpf
c. 15/ HPF
d. 20/HPF

106. Minimum parasite load in thick smear for diagnosis of malaria?

b. 50

107. MC Abd. Mass palpable in NewBorn

a. Hydronephrosis
b. Multicystic kidney disease
c. neuroblastoma
d. nephroblastoma

108. NEC with portal vein gas stage?

a. 2a
b. 2b
c. 3
d. 4

109. Radionucleotide scan in diagnosis of Meckel's Diverticula sensitivity is

a. 85%
b. 50%
c. 10%

110. Intussesception true is

111. The common cold caused by adenovirus also responsible for

a. Bronchiolitis
b. pneumonia
c. Pharyngo Conjunctival fever

112. Purulent conjunctivitis+ tachypnea+ cough etiology is most likely to be

a. Mycoplasma
b. Chlamydia
c. Leptospira
d. Staph

113. Hyperaldosteronism true is

a. causes metabolic Alkalosis
b. hyperkalemia
c. increased urinary loss of sodium

114. APAC FULL FORM in Counselling

Ask& listen ,Praise, Advice and Check

115. Holoprosencephaly Is most likely to be associated with

Ans - Maternal Diabetes

116. Arsenic poisoning presents with severe diarrhea next line of management is

a. Give Dimercaprol
b. Give Ipecac
c. give fluids

117. WHO growth chart with weight for ht & BMI is available for

Ans age group 5-19

118. Bisphosphonates used in Rx of

a. Osteoporosis
b. Osteoclastosis
c. Osteopetrosis
d. Osteogenesis Imperfecta

119. Differentiating feature between PRIMARY ciliary dis. & Cystic Fibrosis is

a.Recurrent LRTI
b. Acute sinus inf
c. Otitis Media
d. Bronchitis

120. PLASMA transfusion HELPS to raise

a. VWF
b. factor2
c. Factor 5
d. factor 7

121. In Wilson's disease, KF ring deposition of Cu is seen in

a. Descemet's membrane
b. Stroma below Descemet's membrane
c.keratin layer
d.dermal layer

122. Left Ventricular dominance is seen up to GA?

123. Splenectomy is indicated in

a. PCV requirement >150ml/kg/year
b. Transfusion requirement > 1 and half time basal requirement

c. Side effects are seen with Iron chelation

124. Cherry red spot not seen in

a. Krabbe's
b. GM1 gangliosidosis
c. GM2 Gangliosidosis
d.Sanflippos dis

125. Wilson disease Chr. location is on

Ans - Chr 13.

126. Philadelphia Chromosome is
Ans t( 9,22.

127. Baby-friendly hospital initiative has got

ANs = 10 steps.

128. Hypothyroid x-ray findings all are true except

a. Wormian bones
b. Beaking Vertebra
c. Epiphyseal dysgenesis
d. Flat horizontal stippled ribs

129.Macrocystis anemia and ringed sideroblast is seen in

a. Pernicious anemia
b. Sideroblastic anemia
c. Megaloblastic anemia

130. Atomoxetine is used in


131. Pectus exacavatum true is

a. lung capacity increases
b. FRV increases

132. ROME 3 criteria used for

a. Chronic constipation
b. Chronic Vomiting
c. Migraine
d. Diarrhea

133. The larynx position in Child true is

Ans Funnel-shaped with narrow Subglottis

134. History suggestive of Celiac disease, investigation Of choice for DEFINITIVE Diagnosis is

a. Iga anti EMA
b. Intestinal Biopsy
c. HLA typing
d. S. IG A assay

135. As per FAB classification AML- M3 STAGE corresponds to

a. AML wit out maturation
b. AML with maturation
c. Promyelocytic
d. Metamyelocytes

136. The angle of the Eustachian tube in infants

a. 10
b. 25
c. 60
d. 90

137. Strategy to reduce VAP in Ventilated patients

a. Elevate head up to 30 degree
b. prophylactic use of antibiotic
c. Use of new suction catheter while suctioning every time
d. Keep NPM

138. Bicycle handle Trauma in child part of the body dts likely to be injured?

a. Spleen
b. pancreas
c. Liver

139. In PPHN drug which is not used is

a. NiO
b. Oxygen
c. Sildenafil
d. indomethacin

140. In Mid-day meal- calorie n protein. given

a. 300kcal and 6gm protein
b. 600kcal and 6gm Protein

141. As per PALS , in primary assessment disability in children refers to

a. fracture
b. Hand held in split
c. Altered level of consciousness
d. Bruise over the forearm

142. Global warming cause?

Ans increase in Co2

143. In a Child with prolonged thrombin time with a sample taken in Heparin bulb,  a test which is done to differentiate heparin-induced prolonged Thrombin time is

Ans Reptilase Time

144. Definition of vital capacity/ residual capacity? Deep expiration to inspiration

145. ichthyosis + .....?

146. A loading dose of leveraticetam in status epilepticus ?

Ans 20-40mg/kg

147. anti-IL- 1, Anakinra is used in which JIA-

a. systemic-onset JIA
b. poly
c. Oligoarthritis
d. enthesitis

148. Bethesda assay is used for

a. platelet function
b. Coagulation factor assay
c. Level of coagulation inhibitor factor assay

149. In SMA syndrome, sma compressed against the aorta by

a. 1 st part of the duodenum
b. 2nd part of duodenum
c.3rd part of Duodenum
d. Jejunum

150. Test for T lymphocyte cell function is


151. Foodborne strep pharyngitis is spread by

Ans - Group A streptococci

152. Eosinophilia plus Hepatospleenomegaly is seen in

a. Eosinophilic granuloma
b. Hypereosinophilic syndrome
c. HLH
d.Chaurg strauss syndrome

153. As per PALS guidelines by AAP, Max dose of Adenosine for 1st dose is

Ans 6mg

154. A test used for comparison of Hb level before and after intervention in the same group is

a. Paired T-test
b. Unpaired T-test
c. Chisquare test

155. Which of the following is not an inherited Aminoacidopathies

a. Isovaleric Acidemia
b. Glutaric Acidemia
c. Arginosuccinic Acedemia
d. Propionic Acidemia

156. In NBS, preterm with equally visible Labia minor and Majora gets a score of

Ans TWO (2.

157. In Pyloric stenosis infants presents with Vomiting in

a. birth
b. 2 weeks
c. 3-week
d. 3 month

158. Beck's triad is seen in

Ans Cardiac Tamponade

159 Angel Wing sign is seen in

a. Pneumomediastinum
b. Obstructive Emphysema
c. Pneumothorax
d. Lobar Emphysema

160. Infant presents to the emergency room with tachypnea and respiratory distress and hypoxia and cyanosis, suspected to have FB Obstructing the airway and given 5 back blows t but still cyanotic and hypoxic next step is to

a. Start CPR with Chest compression
b. Turn supine and GIve 5 Chest thrust
c. Open the mouth and insert Finger Blindly to remove FB
d. Give oxygen and observe and monitor with preparation for Intubation

161. In BPD, the Maternal infective organism which is suspected to be responsible for BPD in a baby is

Ans - Ureaplasma Urealitucum

162. Test that Correctly detects and rules out disease status is indicated by

Ans Specificity

163. % of oxygen delivered by Nasal prongs with 3 ltr of Oxygen is

a. 21%
b. 30%
c. 40% '
d. 50%

164. Immortality of cancer cells is as a result of mutation Involving

Ans Telomerase

165. Fetal Bradycardia is said when HR falls below

a. 110
b. 100
c. 90
d. 60

166. In breast milk banking, breast milk can be stored up to the max period of

a. 1-3 days
b. 3-4 weeks
c. 4-6 month
c. 3-4 years

167. Hemodynamically stable Child presents with a Heart rate of 245 bpm with irritability next step of management is

a. Call the Cardiologist for an opinion
b. connect to pulse oximeter and monitor
c. check BP
d. Arrange for Sync Cardioversion it may be needed later

168. The requirement of Calcium and Phosphate in PT is

a. Ca 200mg and Ph 100mg
b. Ca 300mg ph 150mg
c. Ca 400mg ph 200 mg
d. Ca 100 mg ph 50mg

169. X linked inheritance pattern is seen in

a. Hurler
b. Hunter syndrome
c. Morquio's

170. Increased Etco2 is seen in

a. Bicarbonate infusion b.

171. Palatal palsy is seen as a complication in Diphtheria after

a. 1-week
b. 2-week
c. 3-week
d. 4 week

172. An antidote for B blocker is

Ans - Glucagon

173. Which of the following presents with left axis deviation

Ans Tricuspid atresia

174. Which of the following GSD presents with short PR interval and peaked QRS complex

a. Pompes disease
b. Mc ardles

175. As per surviving sepsis guidelines which of the following should be completed within 6 hours

Ans: Start Vasopressor to maintain mean arterial Bp > 65mm hg

176.Which of the following is associated with Long QT syndrome

Ans: Romanwald Syndrome

177. For an audible range of frequency up to 20,000 Hz, To say it as profound hearing loss, loss of hearing should be more than

a. 20db
b. 30db
c. 50db
d. 70 dB

178. Refeeding syndrome is associated with

Ans: Hypophosphatemia

179. Hemodialysis is useful in poisoning with

Ans - Salicylates

180. Which of the following is not useful in ASOM

a. Ceftriaxone
b. Ampicillin
c. cefuroxime
d. Cefepime

181. Hartnup disease is associated with

a. Aminoaciduria

182. Elastase is defined as

Ans - Unit change in pressure per unit change in volume

183. Phenyl Alanine level in PKU is more than

a. 20 IU/dl
b. 40IU/dl
c. 10 d.
Ans 20 IU

184. Koebener's Phenomenon is due to

Ans- Hypersensitivity reaction to dermal stimulation as erythema and wheel

185. Pupillary reflex is seen in

a. 28-30wk
b. 30-32 wk

186. In the case of High altitude, pulmonary edema management line up will be

a.Descent with Oxygen supplementation
b. use of Acetazolamide
c. Sildenafil

187. A characteristic feature of Malrotation is

Ans. Bilious Vomiting

188. The drug used for relaxation of LES while giving Oesophageal bolus is

a. Glucagon
b. Insulin
c. IGF
d. octreotide

189. In SLE mother, screening for heart block in a neonate is done by

Ans 16-18 wk

190. Drug causing Resp Alkalosis

b. Barbiturate
c. diazepam

191. F100 protein and lactose content is

Ans: 2.9gm protein and Lactose 3.4gm

192. The Scoring system used for assessing sick child mortality is

Ans PRISM score

193. Grayturners sign is
Ans: Grayish discoloration of flank in acute Pancreatitis /intraperitoneal bleed

194 Di George syndrome is due to defect in

Ans: 3rd and 4th Pharyngeal Pouch

195. After delivery in labour room with ambient temperature, an infants skin temperature falls approximately

a.0.1-0.3 degree C
b.0.5 to 1 degree C
c.1-2 C

196. True about Spirometry

a.Tidal volume is the amount of air present in the lung after normal Exp and inspiration
b. something else