Neonatal reflexes | How to elicit and interpret them?

The post outlines various reflexes in newborns, how to elicit them, their response, and clinical significance. Newborn reflexes are various involuntary muscle responses to the stimulations. Eliciting and interpreting neonatal reflexes is a commonly asked observed OSCE station. Following newborn reflexes are discussed

  1.  Introduction
  2. Moro's reflex
  3. Startle reflex
  4. Tonic Neck reflex
  5. Galant reflex
  6. Parex reflex
  7. Traction response
  8. Adduction response
  9. Rooting reflex
  10. Sucking reflex
  11. Landau reflex
  12. Parachute reflex
  13. placing reflex
  14. Walking reflex
  15. Palmo-mental reflex



Dr Balbir Singh | DNB Pediatrics

Balbir has completed his Pediatric residency from J.L.N H. and R.C. Bhilai steel plant hospital