Multiple choice questions (MCQ) in pediatrics with answers - Part 2

Pediatric multiple choice questions for residents

This is the 2nd part of another 100 Multiple choice questions in pediatrics, which can be commonly asked in the residency exam.

These MCQs are one-liners, based on a recall from the exam and there can be errors. Let us know if any.

Holt Oram syndrome is associated with?

1 St degree heart block,2nd degree, complete heart block

Cogan's syndrome has the following characteristic features?

Hearing loss, Vestibular symptoms, Interstitial keratitis

Which antibodies are seen in the Miller Fisher variant?

anti GQ1B

Which anti-epileptic drugs (AED) cause renal stones


This is not a criterion for diagnosis of SIADH

Urine osmolality less than 100

Which of the following are the disease-modifying anti rheumatoid drugs (DMARD)?

Methotrexate, Leflunomide, Sulfasalazine

The triad of Asthma, nasal polyposis, aspirin sensitivity is called as?

Samters triad

What percentage of blood flow goes to the lungs in the fetus?

a. 25% b. 15%

Tinea pedis affects which webspace usually?

lateral toe spaces 3rd to 4th or 4th to 5th interdigital space

What is the minimum threshold to be called as Hearing impairment?


What percentage of infants with congenital CMV are asymptomatic?


What is Breautu index?

Container index (CI) or Breautu index is Number of positive cotainers/100 houses inspected. It is calculated as the number of containers with any larvae or pupae, divided by the total number of inspected containers, multiplied by 100

What is Mobius syndrome?

Facioscapulohumeral dystrophy

Which gene is involved in Digeorge syndrome?

22q11 deletion.

Complete list of syndromes with genotype and phenotype useful for OSCE and MCQs

Ventilator graphics is shoing a figure of 8 in PV loops, What is the interpretation?

Flow starvation.

Here is a detail post on PV loop made easy, how to identify various pathologies?f

Name a drug used for prophylaxis in RSV


What is the visual acuity of a newborn?

20/400 ( in options 22/400 was given )

In 3 months old, which artery is prefered to check signs of circulation by palpation?

Brachial artery

Erythrasma is caused by which organism?

corynebacterium minutissimum

Atomoxetine is used in which dissorder?


What is the Enzyme deficient  in salt retaining variety of congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH)?

17alpha OH def

Content of iodine in salt as per national iodine deficiency disorders control program is?

5 ppm

Cardiomyopathy can be casued this mineral deficiency?


Raised ICT is seen with this immunosupressant drug toxiciy?

Cyclosporine toxicity

Which syndrome is commonly associated with Hirschsprung disease?


Whcih abnormality is seen in schizencephaly?

a cleft in the cerebral hemisphere

High citrulline level are seen in?

Arginosuccinate synthetase deficiency

In neonatal lupus other than anti ro and anti la which other antibody is usually seen ?


Which antibody is asscoiaed with Poor prognosis of Jia?

Anticcp or  (cyclic citrullinated peptide)

Which drug is  used in treatment in congenital lupus syndrome?

fluorinated steroids,hydroxychloroquine

Anakinra inhibits?

IL1 inhibitor

Multiple gene deletion and duplication are detected by?

Comparative genomic hybridization

Tropical esoinophilia is defined eosinophil count above


Recurrent staphylococcal abscesses are seen in?

DiGeorge, ataxia telangiectasia,  t cell defect, hyper IgE

Most common b cell defect is?

iga def

Garlic odor is characteristic of ?

organophosphorus ( Arsenic, Thallium, selenium also can produce garlic odor)

What is the inheritence pattern in Menki Kinki disease?


Examples of X Linked dominant inheritance are?

incontinentia pigmenta, hypomelanosis of Ito

Which IEM can present as collodion baby


Exaggerated startle response is seen in

GM2 Gangliosidosis

Blinking of eyes to bright light can be found earliest at?

a.28 weeks b. 30 weeks c.32 weeks of gestation? Leave the answer in comment box

Newborn brain size reaches 90% by ?


Neonate gfr reaches adult gfr by the age of ?


Harmones involved in Fetal growth are?

insulin, thyroid, growth hormone

Syndrome associated with Early infantile epileptic encephalopathy?

Otohara syndrome

Rise in Hco3 in acute resp acidosis for every 1mm increase in Pco2 is?


Which valvular defect casues pulmonary oligemia?

tricuspid atresia

Minamata disease is caused by excess of ?

Mercury. Minamata disease is a mercury poisoning with neurological symptoms and caused by the daily consump- tion of large quantities of fish and shellfish

Cicatricial skin lesions with limb hypoplasia in newborn are seen in?

cong. Varicella

Pediatric assessment triangle is?

Appearance, WOB, circulation

A molecular marker of tubular injury is?

b2 microglobulin

Most common abdominal mass in neonate is?

MCDK /polycystic

Cornea reaches adult size by the age of

2 yrs

Oxygenation index formula is?

MAP X fio2/pao2

A petient has Spo2 of 85%, In hyperoxia test pao2 increases to 210 but Spo2 remains low, What is the possible Condition?

a.methemoglobinemia b.HLHS

O2 consumption in normal newborn is?


APAC in counseling

What is the commnest site of incision in myringotomy?


Drug causing increased platelet count?

Romiplastim (Other drugs - Eltrombopeg )

Favorable prognostic marker  in leukemia?

 TEL-AML 1 rearrangement

Which is not a contraindication for any type of vaccine?

a. Phagocytic defect
b. Complement defect
c. T cell defect
d.B cell defect

Answer- Let us know the answer using comment box.

Detail explanation here - Vaccination in immune deficiency

Which of these is not indicated in congenital glaucoma as it causes convulsions?

a. Timolol
b. Prilocaine
c. Bromocriptine

Leave the answer  for evryone using comment box

Neonatal lupus can be diagnosed from what age of gestation?

16weeks ( 12 to 16weeks was given )

What is the treatment of choice for a refractory shock?


Acute onset flaccid descending paralysis with dilated pupils, bulbar palsy, and intact sensorium is seen in?


Normal 7 years old with continuous dribbling of urine, but can pass urine normally. Most probable cause is?

Ureteral ectopia

Excess Vitamin D use in mother during early antenatal period can cause

Supravalvular AS

Treatment for deficiency of factor 5?

Plasma (Also used for factors 2, 10 and 11 deficiency )

Whcih dominant mutation comes with advanced age?

Huntingtons chorea ( Anticipation )

US - LS ratio at 3 years of age is?

1.3 :1

Time duration for delivering effective KMC is?

60 min

Dermatitis herpetiformis is associated with?


Earliest sign in Cardiogenic shock is?


Which sinus is pneumatised at the time of  birth?


IEM with hepatosplenomegaly and autism is?

Sandfilippo disease

Deep palmar crease and plantar furrow can be seen in this genetic disease?

Trisomy 8

Salmon rash is seen in?


Most common cause of distributive shock in children is?


A most characteristic feature of Rhabdomyolysis is?


1st sign of papilledema is?

Nasal obscuration

Drug causing pulmonary and systemic vasodilatation is


A most common cause of under 5 mortality is?


Which position is preferred in Pierre Robin syndrome?

Placing the baby in a prone position

Ellis van Creveld syndrome is associated with this heart defect?


Earliest symptom in Lyme disease can be?

Fever and Myalgia

Risk of hydrocephalus increases with

high spinal defects

Presentation similar to hurlers disease is seen in?

GM1 gangliosidosis

Hypoglycorrhachia is seen in


Gene associated with Nail patella syndrome?

LMX1B gene

CSF finding in Rickettsial disease are?

Normal glucose, moderately elevated protein, mild mononuclear pleocytosis

Monophonic wheeze is seen in?


A CD4-CD8 more than 4 with Increased levels of D - dimer are seen in?


Paediatric MCQ for MRCPCH part 1

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