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(Disclaimer: These MCQ,s are based on recall method)
Dr Haritej Dheep N
Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital, Chennai
MCQ from DNB Pediatrics theory examination held in June 2018

1. Menke kinke hair disease inheritance - x linked recessive

2. Myophosphorylase deficiency – McArdles ( Type 5 )

3. DMD in girls is associated with – Turners syndrome

4. Erythrodontia is seen in – Congenital Erythropoietic Porphyria ( Gunthers disease)

5. Lesch Nyhans disease – HGPRTase deficiency

6. All are seen in hypervitaminosis D except
a. hallucination b. hyponatremia
c. pancreatitis d. polyuria

7. EEG pattern in Pyridoxine dependent seizures
a. 1 to 4 Hz sharp and slow wave activity b. comb like EEG
c. Burst suppression pattern

8. Lipid in TPN in preterm – 3gm/kg/day

9. Definition of febrile neutropenia - <500

10. Retinal growth modulating factor in milk – Taurine

11. Skin lesion in Fabrys disease – Angiokeratoma

12. Breast milk jaundice caused by – 3alpha 20beta pregnanediol

13. Deep tendon reflexes donot require
a. alpha fibre b. gamma fibre
c. spindle d. pyramidal fibres

14. Cogenital hearing loss associated with heterochromia irides – Wardenburg syndrome

15. Large or hyperplastic nails - Rubinstein Taybi syndrome

16. JDM specific antibodies: Anti p155/140

17. Sterilize of ambu bag with gluteraldehyde. Min contact period: 12 hrs

18. Type of pulmonary stenosis in Noonans – Valvular PS

19. Repiratory burst assay for – Phagocytic defect

20. Epsilon chain is seen in which type of hemoglobin - Gower 1 and Gower 2

21. Progressive degenerative disorder presenting in infancy with feeding/swallowing problems , vomiting and failure to thrive associated with lactic acidosis and lesion in brainstem and/or basal ganglia on MRI - Leighs disease

22. Which is a systolic murmur:
a. austinflint b. grahamsteel
c. careycomb d. carvallo

23. Max duration of all attempts to intubate :
a.30 sec b.20 sec

24. Which is associated with hyposplenism: celiac disease

25. Regarding Cystic Echinococcosis - PAIR , Albendazole and surgery – indications

26. Epidermolysis verruciformis:HPV

27. RDS in neonate is associated with gene :ABCA3

28. Pendred syndrome gene: SLC26A4

29. trummerfield zone seen in: Vtamin C deficiency

30. Preterm milk compared to breast milk is high in : Sodium

31. Viamin K content in Breast milk: 1.5mcg/l

32. Medical treatment of lead level above : 45ug/dl

33. most common acquired bleeding disorder: VWD ( MC congenital bleeding disorder is Hemophilia A)

34. romanaward syndrome is associated with : Long QT

35. Macrocytic anemia with reticulocytosis: Congenital dyserythroblastic anemia type 2

36.Macrocytic anemia with sideroblasts : pearson syndrome

37. bernard Soulier disease , defect in –gp1b

38. Tranferrin saturation in iron deficiency anemia : <16%

39. child with diarrhoea,lipid laden macrophages in enterocytes , ataxia – abetalipoproteinemia

40. gas shadow reaches rectum in neonate: 12hrs

41. Which is anti inflammatory - a. IL1 B. IL6 C. IFN gamma d. IL10

42. Parry Romberg syndrome is associated with– Scleroderma

43. cause of high anion gap metabolic acidosis -ammonium chloride , NRTI, RTA, diarrhoea

44. ACE inhibitors causes – hyperkalemia

45. qp:qs ratio at which there is left ventricular and atrial hypertrophy : 2:1

46. p wave amplitude in right atrial hypertrophy more than-4mm,3.5mm,3mm,2.5mm

47. Amount of bilirubin that binds to 1gm of albumin- 8mg

48. vitamin k dependent - protein c and protein S, anti thrombin 3 , fibrinogen , plasminogen

49. Anganwadi supply for SAM child calories and protein : 800cal / 20 -25 gm protein

50. Iron, folic acid supplement according to GOI for 6 years old- 30mg Fe / 250 mcg FA

51 Most serious complication of Hereditary Meditterain Fever – Amyloidosis

52. ET tube size for cuffed: Age/4+3

53. mother diabetic, baby has septal hypertrophy, CCF which should be given
a. dobutamine b. dopamine
c. propranolol d. Milrinone

54. Familial Medittarian Fever is associated with
a. Wegeners b. Microscopic Polyangitis
c. HSP d. Churg strauss

55. vincent curtsy sign - seen in : overactive bladder

56. fetal brain growth doesn't depend on - growth hormone

57. which doesn't cross placenta-TSH,t3,t4

58. skipping starts what age - 48 months,60 months,72 months

59. new ballard highest score –50

60. RL Na composition :130

61. resmol Na concentration : 45

62. normal magnesium level -1.2-1.9mEq/dl ( or 1.5 to 2.3mg/dl or 0.6-0.9mmol/l)

63. F-100 - protein and lactose values: 2.9g,4.2g ( In options 2.9g and 3.8g was most nearest option )

64. Nagayama bodies - roseola infantum

65. all are caused by group A beta hemolytic streptococci except
a. ARF b. AGN
c.PANDAS and other option ( dont remember , but that was answer )

66. infant with sweating during feeding, ejection systolic murmur ecg rsR' pattern , RAD- ,PDA,ostium primum ASD,secundum

67. morphine dose in cyanotic spell.:0.1 to 0.2mg/kg

68.MC mutation worldwide cystic fibrosis -Delta f508

69. Enthesistis related arthritis exclusion criteria include all except : ANA

70. ETco2 increases with - Hco3 infusion

71. Gray turner sign seen in : bluish discoloration of flanks( acute pancreatitis)

72. Torsades pointes associated antiarythmic drug: Class 1A ,3

73. 1 St child has Neural tube defect,.mother took prophylaxis of folic acid 4mg from 3 months before pregnancy risk in 2nd child is decreased by-87% ( 85% option was given )

74. gottrons papules-JDM Dermatomyositis

75. polycythemia in newborn : JAK2 mutation

76. sevondary attack rate- in family of 5 people 2 parents and 3 susceptible children 1 primary case after sometime 2 nd case, calculate secondary rate: 50%

77. hypokalemia mimics with -hypocal,hypercal,hypomagnesemia,hyperglycemia

78. polycythemia in newborn above hct -65%

79. . HLA B 27 is associated with all except
a. Reiters b. Ankylosing spondylitis
c. JIA d. IBD with sacroilitis e. Enthesitis related arthritis

80. pectus carinatum is associated with - Coarctation of aorta and Mitral valve disease

81. Total number of doses of vitamin A till 5th birthday according to RMNCH+A : 9

82. Dose of vitamin A in <6 months: 50000 U

83. scurvy radiology changes similar to - manganese,copper deficiency,iron

84. Cong lobar emphysema most common in: left upper lobe

85. Hereditary eliptocytosis: Autosomal dominant

86. Consanguineous marriage of 1st cousin, risk of genetic disease in children : 6-8%

87. Partial exchange transf, 3kg, volume of blood 80ml/kg, observed hematocrit 75.  desired hematocrit 50 : Total Exchange Volume = Circulating Blood volume x (observed haematocrit - Desired haematocrit) / observed haematocrit) , Answer – 80ml

88. Preservation of milk in milk bank: –20c

89. Timing of inv. In CAH: 14 days

90. Maternal disomy chr.15: praderwilli

91. Size of aerosol entering airways : a.5 to 10 micron b. 1 to 5 micron

92. Dislocation of lens in homocystinuria - Inferonasal

93. wilson chromosome -. Chromosome 13q.14

94. gionette crosti syndrome- hepatitis B

95. large , irregular cafe lait spots- Mccune Albright

96. epidemolysis Bullosa poor prognosis type: dystrophica Recessive type or Hallopeau Siemens

97. female 5 yrs with hearing loss her father operated ( brain surgery )at 35 yrs and later developed hearing loss cause- nf1,Neurofibromatosis type 2 ,tuberosis sclerosis,late hearing loss

98. sensitivity and spectivity calculation

99. Familial HLH is associated with - a. conductive HL b. SNHL C.both

100. common SMA: type2

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