Multiple choice questions (MCQ) in pediatrics with answers - Part 1

Pediatric multiple choice questions for residents

This is the 1st part of another 100 Multiple choice questions in pediatrics, which can be commonly asked in the residency exam.

These MCQs are one-liners, based on a recall from the exam and there can be errors. Let us know if any.

What is the inheritance of Menke kinke hair disease?

x linked recessive.

Which glycogen storage disease has Myophosphorylase deficiency?

McArdle ( Type 5 )

DMD in girls is associated with this genetic syndrome?

Turners syndrome

Erythrodontia is seen in?

Congenital Erythropoietic Porphyria (Gunther's disease)

Enzyme deficient in Lesch Nyhan's disease?

hgprt'ase deficiency

All are seen in hypervitaminosis-D except
a. Hallucination
b. Hyponatremia
c. Pancreatitis
d. Polyuria?


Hyponatremia is often associated with lower levels of Vitamin D. Associated symptoms are anorexia, weight loss, weakness, fatigue, disorientation, vomiting, dehydration, polyuria, constipation, and bone pain. Laboratory findings include hypercalcemia, hypercalcuria, hematuria, albuminuria.

EEG pattern in Pyridoxine-dependent seizures shows
a. 1 to 4 Hz sharp and slow-wave activity
b. Comb like EEG
c. Burst suppression pattern?

1 to 4 Hz sharp and slow-wave activity

What is the daily lipid requirement in TPN in preterm?


What is neutrophil count to define febrile neutropenia?

Details in link below

Here is a detailed description of febrile neutropenia including the definition.

Which Retinal growth modulating factor is present in milk?


Newer modalities of treatment of ROP

What typical skin lesion is seen in Fabry's disease?


Breast milk jaundice is caused by?

3alpha 20beta pregnanediol

Deep tendon reflexes do not require?
a. Alpha fiber
b. Gamma fiber
c. Spindle
d. Pyramidal fibers

Leav your answer using comments

Congenital hearing loss associated with heterochromia irides is seen in this syndrome

Wardenburg syndrome

Large or hyperplastic nails are seen in?

Rubinstein Taybi syndrome

OSCE stations based on clinical signs- nail signs

Name JDM specific antibodies?

Anti p155/140

What is the minimum contact period of glutaraldehyde to sterilize Ambu bag?

10 to 12 hrs. Contact times of at least 20 minutes (at or above 20°C) is effective for disinfection, hiwever sterilization requires a 102hour contact time and higher concentrations of glutaraldehyde (e.g., Cidex Plus, which contains 3.4% glutaraldehyde)

Which type of pulmonary stenosis is seen in Noonans syndrome?

Valvular PS

Respiratory burst assay is used to detect?

Phagocytic defect

Epsilon chain is seen in which type of hemoglobin?

Gower 1 and Gower 2

Progressive degenerative disorder presenting in infancy with feeding/swallowing problems, vomiting, and failure to thrive associated with lactic acidosis and lesion in the brainstem and/or basal ganglia on MRI?

Leigh's disease

Which is a systolic murmur
a. Austinflint
b. Grahamsteel
c. Careycomb
d. Carvallo?

Austin Flint murmur is a diastolic murmur heard at the apex of the heart in severe aortic regurgitation.

Graham Steell murmur
is soft, blowing, decrescendo early diastolic murmur seen in pulmonary incompetence due to pulmonary hypertension.
Carycomb murmur is short mid-diastolic murmur resulting from active rheumatic carditis induced mitral-valve inflammation.
Carvallo's murmur is a pansystolic murmur seen in tricuspid regurgitation. It typically becomes louder during inspiration, called as carvallo sign.

Maximum duration for an attempt to intubate is?

20 sec

Which gut disease is associated with hyposplenism?

celiac disease

Epidermolysis verruciformis is seen in?


RDS in the a neonate is associated with which gene?


Pendred syndrome is associated with this gene?


Trummerfield zone is seen in?

Vitamin C deficiency

More on trummerfield zone and other radiological signs in Musculoskeletal OSCE stations here

Preterm milk compared to breast milk is high in?


Vitamin K content in Breast milk is?


Medical treatment is recommended for a lead levels higher than?


Most common acquired bleeding disorder is?

Most common acquired bleeding disorder is VWD while Most common congenital bleeding disorder is Hemophilia A)

Romanaward syndrome is associated with?

Long QT

ECG library here

Macrocytic anemia with reticulocytosis is seen in?

Congenital dyserythroblastic anemia type 2

Macrocytic anemia with sideroblasts is seen in this syndrome?

Pearson syndrome

Bernard Soulier disease, defect in?


Transferrin saturation in iron deficiency anemia is?

Less than 16%

A child with diarrhea, lipid laden macrophages in enterocyte and ataxia are seen in?


Gas shadow reaches rectum in a neonate by this time?


Which is anti-inflammatory interleukin
a. IL1
b. IL6
c. IFN gamma
d. IL10?

Important anti-inflammatory interleukins are interleukin (IL)-1 receptor antagonist, IL-4, IL-6, IL-10, IL-13, IL-19 and IL-35.

Parry Romberg syndrome is associated with?


Which one of these can cause high anion gap metabolic acidosis?
a. Ammonium chloride
b. RTA
c. Diarrhea

Read explanation below for answer

How to interpret anion gap?

ACE inhibitors can cause this dyselectrolemia?


QP-qs ratio at which there is left ventricular and atrial hypertrophy?


P wave amplitude in right atrial hypertrophy is more than?
a. 4mm
b. 3.5mm
c. 3mm
d. 2.5mm

P wave amplitude in the inferior leads exceeding 2.5 mm is indicative of right atrial enlargement

Amount of bilirubin that binds to 1gm of albumin?


Vitamin k dependent factors are?
a. protein c and protein S
b. antithrombin 3
c. fibrinogen
d. plasminogen

The vitamin K-dependent coagulation factors are factors II, VII, IX, X, proteins C and S

How many calories and protein are recommended to be supplied by Anganwadi for a child with calories? protein - 800cal / 20 -25 gm protein?

Calories 800cal and 25 gm protein

Iron and folic acid supplement according to GOI for 6 years old?

Iron 30mg and 250 mcg of folic acid

A most serious complication of Hereditary Meditterain Fever is?


What is the ET tube size formula for cuffed tube?


Mother diabetic, a baby has septal hypertrophy, CCF which should be given • Options a. Dobutamine b. Dopamine c. Propranolol d.Milrinone?

This is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Think about the drug.

Familial Medittarian Fever is associated with
a. Wegeners
b. Microscopic Polyangiitis
c. HSP
d. Churg Strauss?

Familial Mediterranean Fever is with various vasculitis, like Henoch-Schonlein purpura (HSP), polyarteritis nodosa (PAN), protracted febrile myalgia (PFM) and Behcet disease (BD)

Here is more about vasculitis and HSP

Vincent curtsy sign is seen in?

Overactive bladder

Fetal brain growth doesn't depend on?

Growth hormone

Which of the hormones doesn't cross the placenta?


Skipping starts at what age?

3.5-4.5 years

New Ballard score - highest score is?


How much sodium does ringer lactate have?


Na concentration inResmol is?


Normal magnesium level is?


How much Protein and lactose are present in F- 100 feed?

2.9g, 4.2g respectively

Nagayama bodies are seen in?

Roseola infantum

All are caused by group A beta-hemolytic streptococci except
a. ARF
b. AGN

Answer using the comment box

An infant with sweating during feeding has ejection systolic murmur and rsr' pattern on ECG

If ASD shunt is significant, ECG may show right axis deviation, right ventricular hypertrophy, or right ventricular conduction delay (an rSR′ pattern in V1 with a tall R′).

What is the dose of morphine in a cyanotic spell?

0.1 to 0.2mg/kg

Most common mutation in cystic fibrosis worldwide?

Delta f508

Exclusion criteria for Enthesistis related arthritis include all except?


Etco2 increases with?

Hco3 infusion

Gray turner sign is seen in?

Bluish discoloration of flanks in acute pancreatitis is Gray Turner sign

Torsades de pointes associated antiarrhythmic drug?

Class IA - Quinidine, disopyramide, procainamide.
Class III - Sotalol, amiodarone (rare), ibutilide, dofetilide, almokalant.

1St child diagnosed with Neural tube defect. If mother starts prophylaxis of folic acid 4mg from 3 months before pregnancy risk in 2nd child is decreased by?


Gottrons papules is seen in?

JDM Dermatomyositis

Polycythemia in a newborn can be a result of which mutation?

JAK2 mutation

In a family of 5 people, 2 parents and 3 susceptible children 1st primary case of flu occurs. Within 7 days, a second case occurs. Calculate the secondary attack rate?


The secondary attack rate is defined as the number of non-index household members with a positive test result within 7 days after the sample date of the index case, divided by the total number of non-index household members

Hypokalemia can mimic as?


Level of HCT, to be defined as polycythemia in newborns is?


HLA B 27 is associated with all except
a. Reiters (reactive arthritis)
b. Ankylosing spondylitis
c. JIA
d. IBD with sacroiliitis
e. Enthesitis-related arthritis?

Enthesitis related arthritis

Pectus carinatum is associated with which heart disease?

Coarctation of the aorta and Mitral valve disease

A total number of doses of vitamin A till 5th birthday according to RMNCH+A?

9 doses

The dose of vitamin A in less than 6 months old infant is?

50000 U

Scurvy radiology changes are similar to?

Manganese, copper deficiency, iron

More on radiological signs of Scurvy

Congenital lobar emphysema is most commonly seen in?

Left upper lobe

Hereditary elliptocytosis is inherited as?

Autosomal dominant

What is a risk of genetic disease in children born to a Consanguineously married 1st cousin?


Partial exchange transfusion of a 3kg child. The volume of blood is 80ml/kg, observed hematocrit is 75, the desired hematocrit is 50. What is the total volume of blood required?

Total Exchange Volume = Circulating Blood volume x (observed hematocrit - Desired hematocrit) / observed hematocrit) - 80ml

The temperature at which milk is preserved in milk bank is?


Timing of investigation in CAH?

14 days

Maternal disomy of chromosome 15 is seen in?


Size of aerosol entering airways is?

1 to 5 micorns

Site for dislocation of the lens in homocystinuria?


Which chromosome is associated with Wilson disease?

Chromosome 13q.14

Gionette crosti syndrome?

hepatitis B

Large, irregular cafe lait spots are seen in?

Mccune Albright

Epidermolysis Bullosa poor prognosis type?

dystrophica Recessive type or Hallopeau Siemens

A girl child 5 yrs old with hearing loss. Her father operated ( brain surgery ) at 35 yrs and later developed hearing loss too, what can be the cause?

Neurofibromatosis type 2

Sensitivity and specificity calculation?

Easy answer

More on medical statistics

Familial HLH is associated with
a. Conductive hearing loss
b. Sensorineural hearing loss

Sensoryneural hearing loss

Which is the Commonest type of SMA?

Type2 SMA

Paediatric MCQ part 1

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