DNB Pediatrics Theory Question Paper June 2022

DNB theory question paper for the final exam held by the National Board of Examination in June 2022.

Links to model answers are given where available.

Paper 1

  1. A) Describe /Diagramatic representation of feral circulation /Embryology
    B) Management of PPHN /Neonatology
  2. A) Describe the metabolism of bilirubin in a neonate
    B)Management of prolonged jaundice in neonates. /Neonatology
  3. A) Development of diaphragm. /Embryology/ GI
    B) Current recommendations for the management of Congenital diaphragmatic hernia / Gi and Hepatology
  4. A) Malaria surveillance /Community Medicine
    B) JSSK
  5. A) Risk bias and confounding factors in a clinical study /Statistics
    B) Forest plot and its interpretation.
  6. A) Describe types of clinical study designs /Statistics
    B) Grade approach to evaluate the level of evidence
  7. A) Describe the iron metabolism
    B) Management of hypochromic microcytic anemia in children /Hematology
  8. A) Describe Sodium homeostasis in body /Fluid & Electrolytes
    B) Management of hypernatremic dehydration in a 10 kg child
  9. A) Pathophysiology of DKA/Endocrinology
    B) Management of diabetes in children
  10. A) National immunization schedule/Vaccinology
    B)Methods of disinfection

Paper 2

  1. A) Types of surfactant
    B)Lung protective strategies in newborn ventilation. /Neonatology
  2. A) Diagnostic approach to floppy infant
    B)AFP surveillance /Neuro muscular
  3. A)Approach to a boy with short stature.
    B)WHO growth chart. /Growth and development
  4. A) NAVA (Neurally adjusted ventilatory assist)
    B)Neurocutaneous markers /Neurology
  5. A)Approach to a neonate with DSD
    B)Hemorrhagic disease of new born /Neonatology
  6. A) Oral drugs in management of hemophilia
    B)Complications of blood transfusion /Hematology
  7. A)Approach to a 2yr old boy with polyuria
    B)Advances in management of SRNS /Nephrology
  8. A)Outline the management of 2 yr old conscious child with SAM having diarrhea with severe dehydration
    B)Dietary advice for 1 yr old child /Nutrition
  9. A)Enumerate oncological emergencies in newly diagnosed leukemia /Oncology
    B) Write clinical features, management and long term outcome of Vit B12 deficiency /Nutrition
  10. A) Transport of sick newborn
    B)Probable complications in monozygotic twins. /Neonatology.

Paper 3

  1. A) SCID /Immunology
    B)Autism spectrum disorders early diagnosis and management /Behavioral disorders
  2. A)Classification of birth defects
    B)Approach to a suspected case of IEM /Metabolic diseases
  3. A)Pulse oximetry screening for critical congenital HD
    B)Management of a neonate with cyanotic congenital heart disease /Cardiology
  4. A)Arrhythmias in children, Diagnosis and their immediate management in ER. /Cardiology
    B)Approach to a child brought to ER with a history of road traffic accident /Emergency and critical care
  5. A)Management of acetaminophen poisoning /Poisoning
    B)PFT in childhood asthma /Respiratory
  6. A)Congenital hypothyroidism – etiology, diagnosis, management
    B)Diagnosis and management of Growth hormone deficiency /Endocrinology
  7. A)Etiopathogenesis, clinical manifestations, management of portal hypertension
    B)Define ALF in children and how to manage it? /Gastrointestinal system
  8. A)Ophthalmia neonatorum /The eye
    B)Hearing assessment screening in children /The ear
  9. A)Bulimia Nervosa/Behavioural disorders
    B)Antihelminthic drugs /Infectious diseases
  10. 1A) Diagnostic evaluation of celiac disease /Gastrointestinal
    B) HLH in children. /Oncology

Paper 4

  1. A)Mission NEEV (neonatal early evaluation vision) /Social Pediatrics
    B)Artificial intelligence in medical science /Misc
  2. A)Renal angina index and its scoring /Nephrology
    B)Intrauterine transfusion /Neonatology
  3. A)Indication of NGS in pediatric hemato-oncology /Oncology
    B)Liver transplantation in children /GI and Hepatology
  4. A)Recent changes in AHA PALS guidelines /Emergency and critical care
    B)Fetal surgery /Neonatology
  5. A)Prenatal testing in down syndrome /Human Genetics
    B)Pattern inheritance and diagnosis of mitochondrial disease
  6. A)Updated definition of increased BP in Stage 1 and stage 2 of hypertension. /Cardiology
    B)Discuss the evaluation of a child with BP>95th centile +12mmHg recorded twice during opd visit
  7. A)Rituximab /Pharmacology
    B)ECMO /Misc
  8. A)Vaccine hesitancy /Vaccinology
    B)Antibiotic stewardship /Infectious diseases
  9. A)Advances in the management of cystic fibrosis /Respiratory disorders
    B) Volume-targeted ventilation /Respiratory disorders
  10. A)NIRS /Respiratory disorders
    B)Functional renal imaging and renography. /Nephrology

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