DNB Pediatrics Theory Question Paper Dec 2021

DNB theory question paper for final exam held by National Board of Examination in Dec 2021.

The Questions are based on recall, hence may not be exactly as they are in the paper. Feel free to submit correction it helps to improve.  Submit correction via this link. If you are looking for June 2021 papers, here is the link.

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Paper 1

  1. CSF circulation - applied aspect Answer (Neurology)
  2. Rotation of gut - applied aspect (Surgical/GI and Hepatology)
  3. Brachial plexus injury - applied aspect (Neurology)
  4. Diaphragm development - applied aspect (Embryology)
  5. Hodgkin's lymphoma pathophysiology (Hematology)
  6. Dengue fever pathophysiology (Infectious disease)
  7. Child adoption guidelines Answer (Social)
  8. MR campaign (Social)
  9. Rashtriya Bal swasthya karyakram (Social)
  10. Hyperkalemia ECG changes management (Fluids and Electrolytes)
  11. Sensitivity, specificity, lead time, PPV, NPV. Answer (Statistics)
  12. Insulin analogues (Endocrinology)
  13. Chronic constipation pathology (GI and Hepatology)
  14. Internal capsule applied aspect (Neurology)
  15. Urea cycle disorders (Metabolics)
  16. Non-accidental injury (Injuries)
  17. Acetaminophen pharmacokinetics (Pharmacology)
  18. Physiology of lactation (Neonatology)
  19. Resomal (FLuids and Electrolytes)
  20. PFT in asthma (Respiratory)

Paper 2

  1. Mission Indradhanush
  2. AEFI types. (Vaccinology)
  3. iNo therapeutics (Misc)
  4.  ECMO indications. (Procedures)
  5. UTI imaging guidelines (Renal)
  6. Renal biopsy indications. (Nephrology)
  7. Childhood migraine Answer (Neurology)
  8. Neural tube defects prevention.  (Neurology)
  9. ALL cytogenetics and risk stratification (Hematology)
  10. Sickle cell crises clinical features and management. (Hematology)
  11. Preterm management in labour room (Neonatology)
  12. Neonate born to Rh-negative mother (Neonatology)
  13. Neonate born to covid positive mother approach (Neonatology)
  14. Newborn and HIV mother management. (Neonatology)
  15. Super ORS advantages over conventional ORS (Fluid and Electrolytes)
  16. Vitamin A deficiency classification and prevention. (Fluids and Electrolytes)
  17. ITP diagnosis and management  (Hematology)
  18. Bone marrow transplant indications and complications. (Hematology)
  19. BFHI steps (Social)
  20. Torch infection prevention. (Infections)

Paper 3

  1. Bio-artificial liver. (GI and hepatology)
  2. Fulminant hepatic failure. (GI and hepatology)
  3. Upper GI bleeding in children. (GI and hepatology)
  4. Kawasaki coronary abnormality classification and management. Answer (Infection)
  5. Foetal therapy. (Neonatology)
  6. Antenatal diagnosis of congenital malformations. (Neonatology)
  7. MDR TB diagnosis and management. (Infection)
  8. DKA management. (Endocrine)
  9. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis classification and management. Answer (Rheumatic disorders)
  10. Ocular manifestation of systemic disease. (Opthalmology)
  11. Hearing loss causes and audiological test. (ENT)
  12. Adolescent needs and health problems. (Social)
  13. Chronic granulomatous disease. (Autoimmune disorders)
  14. Primary immunodeficiency management. (Immune disorders)
  15. Unknown poisoning management. (Toxicology)
  16. Nocturnal enuresis. (Behavioural sciences)
  17. POCSO guidelines. (Social)
  18. Diptheria toxins guidelines. (Infections)

Paper 4

  1. GERD management. (GI and hepatology)
  2. Recent advances in management of DMD. (Neonatology)
  3. Paediatric covid classification and management. (Infections)
  4. Malaria vaccines. Answer (Infections)
  5. All possible radiological and echo findings of RHD. (Cardiology)
  6. Fetal surgical therapy. (Neonatology)
  7. Metabolic acidosis , causes and compensation by body. Answer (FLuid and electrolytes)
  8. Recent advances in management of hemophilia. (Hematology)
  9. HLH. (Hematology)
  10. Pediatric stroke management. (Neurology)
  11. EtCO2 , Measurement and interpretations. Answer (Respiratory)
  12. ADHD management. (Behavioural science)
  13. CTEV management. (Orthopedics)
  14. MPS - Classification and clinical pictures. (Genetic and Metabolics)
  15. Dog bite - guideline of management. (Injuries)
  16. Enzyme replacement therapy. Answer (Genetic and Metabolics)
  17. Monoclonal antibody in paediatric practice. (Pharmacology)
  18. Plasmapheresis - indications. (Immune disorders)
  19. Newborn screening - tests and interpretations. (Neonatology)
  20. Temper tantrum presentation and management. (Behavioural science)
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