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DNB Pediatrics Theory Question Paper June 2021

DNB theory question paper for final exam held by National Board of Examination in June 2021.

Links to relevant answers are given where available. Since this is based on recall, the questions are not given as it is, if you find any error, submitting correction via this link will help other. If you are looking for June 2020 papers, here is the link, and here is the collection of previously asked question papers.

Paper 1

Write short notes on:

  1. Csf flow
  2. Antenatal diagnosis NTD
  3. MR campaign
  4. Ethical committee role within an institution
  5. Plagiarism
  6. Odds ratio and limitations
  7. Meta-analysis
  8. Medical evaluation of a child with sexual abuse
  9. Components POCSO act
  10. Psychosocial impact of Covid-19 in children
  11. MIS-C classification and treatment
  12. Sustainable development Goals in children
  13. Glucose homeostasis
  14. Approach to hypoglycemic in 1 year old
  15. Pancreatic function test
  16. Calcium homeostasis
  17. Carbohydrate metabolism- name defects in each step
  18. Nurturing care for early development care
  19. Epidemiological investigation of an outbreak
  20. Pathogenesis of edematous malnutrition

Paper 2

Write short notes on:

  1. Minimally invasive surfactant therapy
  2. Management of BPD
  3. Composition of human milk
  4. Human milk banking
  5. Evaluation of obesity
  6. Diagnosis and management of obstructive sleep apnoea
  7. Diagnosis and treatment of migraine
  8. Super refractory status epileptics and its management.
  9. Tabulate the classification of malnutrition by WHO. Management of a 1-year-old child with severe acute malnutrition and acute diarhoea.
  10. Medical management of acute kidney injury and indications of dialysis.
  11. Diagnostic criteria of SIADH
  12. Conjugate vaccines.
  13. Casualty assessment in AEFI
  14. Hereditary thrombotic predisposition.
  15. Vaccination in a child with cancer chemotherapy.
  16. Screening test for ASD
  17. Management of a child with nocturnal enuresis.

Paper 3

Write short notes on:

  1. Risk of acid suppression drugs
  2. Functional abdominal pain - Rome classification
  3. Management of chickenpox in adolescents
  4. Management and complication of pertussis
  5. Management of acute rheumatic fever with carditis
  6. Penetrating ocular trauma in toddler
  7. Approach to excess ferrous sulfate ingestion in a child
  8. Neurocardiogenic - syncope diagnosis and differential diagnosis
  9. Lead poisoning diagnosis
  10. Empyema diagnosis and management
  11. Short stature - enlist causes and evaluation of 9 yr old boy with short stature
  12. ECG differences in tachyarrthymias
  13. Traumatic brain injury management
  14. Difference between extrahepatic biliary atresia and idiopathic neonatal hepatitis
  15. Disruptive behavioral disorders in school children
  16. Strategy to reduce screen time
  17. Management of neonate born to HBsAg positive mother
  18. Contact dermatitis
  19. Next-generation sequencing

Paper 4

Write short notes on:

  1. DEXA in children
  2. Recent advances in insulin
  3. Continuous blood sugar monitoring
  4. Role of cryptosporidium in children with diarrhea
  5. WHO reduced osmolar ORS
  6. CRISPR gene editing in children
  7. Brain stem reflexes in brain death
  8. Laboratory derangement in Fanconi syndrome
  9. Point of care diagnosis infection in children
  10. Tabulate differential diagnosis of acute flaccid paralysis
  11. Type of paralysis in Guillain Barre syndrome and its variants and subtypes
  12. Management of a child with % burns
  13. Monoclonal Antibodies in rabies post-exposure prophylaxis
  14. Role of vitamin D apart from bone growth in children
  15. Vitamin A prophylaxis in children
  16. Universal newborn hearing screening
  17. High flow nasal cannula oxygen delivery in children
  18. Dengue vaccine
  19. Renal artery stenosis diagnosis and management
  20. Assessment of pain in children

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