OSCE Pediatrics: May 2016.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016   at  3:03:00 PM
dnb practical
Dr. Kishor L. Giri
Jehangir hospital, Pune



1. Newborn screening have shown TSH >100 of a new born. Counsel the mother.

2. 5 yrs male child with c/o late night awakening and sleep related issues, Counsel the mother.

3. 2 yr old male, c/o Pneummonia, requiring ventilation and IPCU admission, Counsel the mother.

History taking

4. 12 yr old male with c/o chest pain. Obtain relevant history. 


5. 8 yr old male child.do inspection , palpation and percussion of respiratory system.

6. NRP scenario. Meconium stained liquor, do as per 2015 guidelines.


From examiners desk: The task of preparation unwind

Sunday, May 15, 2016   at  2:06:00 AM
Dr Janani Shankar
She is a senior consultant in Pediatrics and Pediatric hematology at Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital. She is a great academician, a teacher and doesn't need an intro. She's been a DNB examiner for past many years. This post will be a usefull guide for all DNB and MD student specially the exam going. So here is the advise, straight from the examiner !
Firstly, exams are just a phase in life. It too will pass. So, do not make it a do-or-die experience.

Start Early
Be systematic
Plan ahead
Set realistic goals
Work towards your goals (Dont just set them)
Keep motivating yourself

Remember, it is just an examination.
The real test, is your daily routine.."saving lives of kids". So don’t lose focus on that. 

If you are sincere and hard working at taking care of kids under your care, you will know what to do in the exams. 

Look at the exams as stepping stones. Do what you need to do to reach the top. Don’t think of the difficult nature of the stones.

"Start with a positive attitude" People have cleared the exams. So it is not impossible.

Preparing for theory examination:

Febrile neutropenia made easy

Saturday, May 7, 2016   at  1:49:00 AM
Dr Hemang Mendpara
is pursuing DNB in Pediatrics from Choithram Hospital and Research Centre
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