Thursday, July 23, 2015

MCQ DNB Pediatrics: June2015

By Dr Kishor Giri, Pune
Recall based

List of MCQ asked in  June 2015 theory exam purely based on recall method. You can correct the question and also add more question in the comment box.

1.       Which of these is not used for treatment in pphn?
                Inhaled nitrous oxide
2.       How many % of neonates<1000 gm will develop rop?
3.       Thick smear nof malaria positive means

4.       Hypothermia in neonates is <  34  c

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Revised Jones Criteria 2015: Summarised

by Dr Faraz Ahmed Khan
dr jonesThe famous Jones criteria for diagnosis of Acure Rhemaric Fever are recently revised in 2015 by AHA with emphasis on doppler echocardiogarphy for involvement of heart.

It is the first substantial revision to the Jones Criteria by the American Heart Association since 1992.

It is technology driven (ECHO) and focuses on epidemiological differences in high-risk and low-risk populations.

This is a effort to summarize important points for Pediatric post graduates exams.

link to article : Here
(For any discrepancy refer original Article)

Epidemiological Background

1. During the 20th century, the incidence of ARF and the prevalence of RHD declined substantially in Europe, North America, and developed nations.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

MCQ DNB Pediatics: December 2014

After the MCQ of June 2014 theory exam, here is a list of MCQ asked in December 2014 theory exam completely based on recall method. These are contributed by group members at and its facebook gorup. You can correct the question and also add more question in the comment box.

1. Absent "a" wave on JVP

2. A beat followed by two beats- Pulsus trigeminus

3. Weight of embryo

4. Weight of fetus at 20 weeks

5. Lens vesicle is derived from :

6. Neonatal eye is hypemetropic