Wednesday, December 10, 2014

DNB theory question december 2007: Organophosphorous poisoning

Management protocol for organophosphorus pesticide

The questions on Organophosporous poisoning are repeatedly ask in Pediatric thoery exam.

So this is one article i found very easy to digest and write in exams for theory plus it gives a good insight on the practice, as well.

Basic methodology to administer all drugs with dilution is given nicely. Highly recommended for preparation of this question in particular.

Here is the link to the open access article, you can save it!
Refernce: Early management after self-poisoning with an organophosphorus or carbamate pesticide – a treatment protocol for junior doctors.
Michael Eddleston, Andrew Dawson, Lakshman Karalliedde, Wasantha Dissanayake, Ariyasena Hittarage, Shifa Azher and Nick A Buckley.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Exploring Nelson with Vasu : CNS 4

It is a series of blog-post, for asynchronous learning written by Dr Vasu Burli which are actually his handpicked notes he derived from Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics. The notes are divided system-wise. The second in this series is ready to go online!

Series 1: CNS Questions
1. DMD
        About Dr Vasu Burli
Budding intensivist, currently persuing Pediatric critical care fellowship from Apollo Chennai, did his DNB in Pediatrics from renowned institute Kanchi Kama -Koti CHILD’S trust Hospital, Chennai. His area of interest are pediatric Intensive care and Emergency medicine.


The term dystrophy means abnormal growth, derived from the Greek trophe, meaning “nourishment.”

A muscular dystrophy is distinguished from all other neuromuscular diseases by four obligatory criteria: It is a primary myopathy, it has a genetic basis, the course is progressive, and degeneration and death of muscle fibers occur at some stage in the disease.