DNB Theory question bank 2022 | Environmental health hazards and animal bites

This is a 2022 update on previously asked questions in the DNB pediatrics theory exam. The questions are arranged topic-wise.

How to use?

  1. Questions are arranged in chronological order, latest first
  2. Each question is followed by a Numbers.
  3. Numbers in bracket are Year followed by session, 1 is June session, 2 is December session eg. (2022/1) is a question from June 2022 question paper
  4. The number after the bracket is Marks allotted for eg. 5+5 is 5 marks for each subquestion.

Overview of Environmental Health and Children

  1. Enumerate various air pollutants and discuss their effects on the health of children (2009/1) 3+7
  2. Adverse effects of environmental pollution in children (1996/1)15

Biologic Effects of Ionizing Radiation on Children

  1. Radiation sickness 3(Apr 2016)
  2. Occupational and environment risks to the fetus (2006/1)5

Chemical Pollutants

  1. Why children are vulnerable to chemical pollutants? what are the chemical pollutants in environment and their effects? what are the hazards of environmental tobacco smoke in children? (2014/2)3+4+3

Heavy Metal Intoxication

  1. Write the sources, clinical features, prevention and treatment of Mercury poisoning 5(2013/2)
  2. Enumerate clinical features of iron poisoning and describe its management (2009/2) 3+7
  3. Steps and management of severe iron poisoning in children (2006)10

Lead Poisoning

  1. Lead poisoning diagnosis (2021/2) 5
  2. Lead poisoning (2016/1)5
  3. Diagnosis and management of lead poisoning (2015/1)4
  4. Write the sources, clinical features, prevention and treatment of Lead poisoning (2013/2)5
  5. Enumerate sources of lead poisoning. Outline the mechanism of toxicity and clinical features of lead poisoning. (2010/2)3+3+4
  6. Management of Lead Poisoning and organo-phosphorous poisoning (07/2)10
  7. Lead Toxicity in children (1995/1)10

Biologic and Chemical Terrorism

  1. Bioterrorism (Apr 2016) 3

Animal and Human Bites

Dog bite

  1. Dog bite, guideline of management (2021/2) 5
  2. Post-exposure prophylaxis for dog bite. (2020/1) 5
  3. How do you classify dog bites? Discuss its management. (2013/2)4+6
  4. Outline the management of dog bite in a four-year-old child. (2010/2)10

Bee sting

  1. Bee and wasp sting (2019/2)3
  2. How will you manage acute anaphylaxis following a bee sting in a ten-year-old boy (2006)10


Scorpion bite

  1. Management of scorpion sting. (2020/01)5
  2. Scorpion sting (2019/2)3
  3. Clinical manifestations of Scorpion sting envenomation (2017/5) 5
  4. Pathophysiology and management of Scorpion Bite (Apr 2016) 5
  5. Describe the pathogenesis, clinical features and management of scorpion sting. (2013/1) 3+3+4

Snake bite

  1. Snake bite poisoning -clinical features (2018/2)5
  2. Clinical manifestations and management of viper bite (2016/1) 5
  3. A 4-year-old child has been bitten on his foot by a snake. How is a poisonous snake identified? Discuss the management of this child. (2014/1)3+7
  4. Outline the pre-hospital and hospital management of a 10-year-old boy bitten by a poisonous snake. (2009/1)10
  5. An 8-year-old child is bitten by a snake while playing in the field. Discuss the different types of pathological changes the patient can go through. How do you grade the severity of envenomation and discuss the management? (2008/2)10

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