DNB Theory question bank 2022 | The Ear

This is a 2022 update on previously asked questions in the DNB pediatrics theory exam. The questions are arranged topic-wise.

How to use?

  1. Questions are arranged in chronological order, latest first
  2. Each question is followed by a Numbers.
  3. Numbers in bracket are Year followed by session, 1 is June session, 2 is December session eg. (2022/1) is a question from June 2022 question paper
  4. The number after the bracket is Marks allotted for eg. 5+5 is 5 marks for each subquestion.

Hearing Loss

  1. Screening and diagnosis of hearing loss (2019/1) 5
  2. Pediatric cochlear implant {2018/2)5
  3. Enumerate various causes of childhood deafness. Investigation and management algorithm of childhood deafness (2016/2)
  4. Enumerate the causes of congenital deafness. Discuss Universal Neonatal Hearing Screening. (2014/1)3+7
  5. Describe the etiopathogenesis and clinical features in a 3-year-old child with hearing impairment. What are the laboratory tests for the assessment of such a child (2012/1)3+3+4
  6. Describe the types of hearing loss in children. Enumerate the causes of hearing loss in children. (2010/2)4+6
  7. Outline development of normal hearing in children. List causes of Hearing impairment in a 1-year-old child and its diagnostic approach (2007/2)10

Otitis Media

  1. Treatment of acute otitis media (2017/1) 5
  2. Management of acute otitis media (2014/2)5
  3. Outline the etiopathogenesis of acute suppurative otitis media. Discuss in brief the treatment and complications of acute suppurative otitis media (ASOM) in children. (2011/1)3+4+3
  4. Recurrent Acute Otitis Media in children (2007/1)10

The Inner Ear and Diseases of the Bony Labyrinth

  1. Investigations and treatment of childhood vertigo (2018/2) 5

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